Paromita - Page 2


How blessed I am that you are in my life
Now my days pass with little strife
I wonder how lovingly you can handle me
In my anger, restlessness and love without any plea.

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be your wife
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love and cared
My friend, my lover, my king
Till the end to my full swing.

Your body close to mine,
Our hearts beat in time,
With a smile of simple pleasure,
Which had last forever.

Some say perfection is unattainable
For most things that’s explainable,
But in your arms and with your heart’s affection
I have found the long moment of satisfaction.

The Rain

I am blessed again, to hear the rain.
Its tin-roof chatter, drums terrain
While droplets pepper windowpanes.
Between such bouts, life breathes again.
Trite verse, reflects in warm refrain
And strongly marks in human vein
The blessed rain … the blessed rain.

Stiff winds spawn sisters to the rain
These cyclone-progeny sustain
Swaying blooms that pock the plains.
While whole-blood kin can not restrain
Or dull the edge of nature’s pain
Neither dams nor sloughs can long retain
The blessed rain … the blessed rain.

Sun oft does battle with the rain,
This thunderous tryst ignites the chain
As powers meld, their difference wanes
Now nimbus’ tempests spread their reign
The rainbow’s radiance explains
The essence of our lives remains,
The blessed rain … our blessed rain

I Hate When People Leave

I hate when people leave
It’s too hard to say goodbye
When tears are running down our eyes
As the good memories with you had fly

It’s too hard to bear
To know you won’t be here
And the only way we’ll see you –
If we think back in time, there

With the memories you have shared
Now in bedded in our mind
There’s no way we can forget you
Because all the fondings you have left behind

And now if we long to see you or
Hear your voice again
But you know it may sometimes happen
It makes us sad to feel its re-gain…

We’re sorry you’re leaving IAS and going away,
It’s with sadness we’re saying ‘farewell’ this glum day,

Your work was your life here, you loved every day,
I’m sure you’d have turned up with a penniless pay

No-one on earth could have ever worked harder,
Except maybe you when you’re raiding the larder.
This place will be quiet and dull without your chorus daily jobby song
All miss all your jokes and your stories so long,

And that’s the reason-
I hate when people leave…..


The whole world was on the horizon,
The river Teesta down below,
Trickling and meandering to its long awaited destination.
Undergoing the steep hilly shadow.

Birds were chirping to an old familiar song.
Alike the cheerful music boxes in the tree.
Wind whistling through the dead trees along
Alike waves shattering upon the shore in wee.

Every region was white;
The raven was accustomed to sing.
White was the ravine;
From the assault of the wind trees but was on swing.

Fresh rainbow
Alike cleanliness just after a long rainfall amidst of allspice.
Spring flowers smell strong in deep owe,
Alike I’m lying on a bed of Paradise.

The Glorious Gift Of God

A precious little flower
that is in constant bloom
I watch as yet another milestone
around the corner looms.

I received a special gift.
A blessing from above
God sent me a small wonder
Wrapped with love in a glove.

Her eye’s are like diamonds that would twinkle,
Glittering the smiles with tender sprinkle
No mother can forget her baby’s first smile
Which brought me the freedom from a long pain’s exile.

Her rosy red cheeks,
Just as big as they could be
As I held her in my arms
And watched her drift to sleep

It seems like only yesterday
that we shared a breath
but now it seems like tomorrow
you will leave and I’ll be left.

The tiny little angel is my Rushi
that always is in flight
came in my life with bolshy and flashy
you brought me so much light.

Your beauty is so stunning
your smile makes me melt
I’m so proud to be your mommy
it’s the best I’ve ever felt.

Oh perfect little princess
with you I’m so in love
every night before I dream
I thank the lord above.

How did I get so lucky
to have as sweet of a gift as you
If ever you should need me
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

For A Friend Who Is Unseen But Not Unknown To Me

I think somewhere, sometime, I may find a friend who will be forever true, With a heart of beautiful eternal love Maybe it will be somebody new.

I’ll imagine a heart so very caring
And a willingness to share,
A delightfully sweet sense of humor
With spontaneous care.

He will know how to keep a secret
And when to turn to prayer,
Not needing to always chat
But glad to just “be there”.

Might I search away in the blue yonder?
Or shall I look behind,
I’m feeling such a sweet tickle inside
Someone special is coming to my mind.

Oh then, why should I search so far and wide For a friend of God’s design, When your heart was prepared before I prayed Waiting for me, there all the time.

After I was sure about your presence, I ask you the beneath, on the basis of a true friend—–

If Ever You Need Me
by Paromita herself,
If ever you need me,
I’ll be right there

To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear.

If ever you need me,
I’ll be two steps behind,
To follow in your footsteps,
And hear what’s on your mind.

If ever you need me,
You’ll never have to fear,
That your presence isn’t important,
And your love isn’t dear.

If ever you need me,
I’ll always be around,
To bring back the laughter,
Where deep in your heart it’s found.

You’ll never have to worry,
For I’ll always be here,
To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear

I struggle and I search to try
To find some words anew…
And yet I cannot capture
All the things that make you.

I shall therefore, be satisfied
That you must simply know,
Just how I feel about you,
For with words I cannot show.

Far Away From The Madding Crowd

Getting further away from home
Nothing other than excitement dwells in monochrome
as I realize I’m about to visit my dream destination
with joy, I’m about to cry in thrill’s excavation.

Getting closer to the hill
knitting the excitement
My joy is about to spill
my heart pounds in my chest in contentment.

Getting closer to the place I dream
My heart beats in exhilaration in its esteem
With every mile, I’m getting close
Rejoice pounds in enclose.

When I see you-Kanchenjunga, the queen of the mountains
it will feel like old times reigning in its monarchial fountain.
I would love to stay in its Eternity
Ceasing the overshadowing of the modernity.


When you are in need,
Sow me with your love’s seed

When you are completely lost,
I shall stop you from every holocaust

When you feel totally dependent,
Find me for you with all my resplendent.

When you are weak
Find me as the most unique.

When you are the most alone,
I am Intimately Present with love’s rocky stone.

When you feel you are the least,
I am there for you to fleeced

When it is for you the dark
I shall show you the Light as your monarch.

When you feel the least secure,
I shall become your Rock and Fortress for sure.

When you are the most humble,
I shall bring you out from being stumble…


I found you there one early morn,
Your petals all dipped with dew,
Fresh captured beauty newly born,
All fragrant pure and new.

I stood there atop the hill,
To look into your face,
And for a moment time stood still,
Arrest from life’s embattled race.

To tarry for a moment’s rest,
To search in deep concern,
In passing days I must confess,
There is much for me to learn.

I thought of how God cares for you,
And how He cares for me,
Of how He gave you life anew,
Each spring when natures free.

You grow among the rocks and thorns,
That’s scattered round about,
And close beside a path is worn,
By travelers, there’s no doubt.

Some fail to see you blooming there,
While passing close beside,
They cannot see the life so fair,
In Him they do not confide.

My troubles now seem far away,
Since I have stood a while,
The sun is out to start the day;
I’ll lift my head and smile.

And know within, let come what may,
I’m ready for each and every hour,
He showed me how to start each day,
Yes simply through a flower.

Honey Moon

Start for the snowy top,
Lets go of the anchor;
Will climb up to the snow clad
And explore with candor.

Here’s our nest we’ve dreamed about,
By the God’s bliss, it will be a clout.
So let’s enjoy ourselves as we look around
With the splendid beauty wraps us round.

In the Snowy Sikkim, where the Snowy river flows
The temperatures at low and the winds of Summer blows
And the twinkling stars are out there on the moonlit hill
Our love will re-echo in the silence something loud and shrill.

Golden rays at sunup will glitter the hilly trees,
Vegetation and fruit as far as the eye sees.
Fantabulous nature and rhododendron galore,
Friendly animals and birds by the score,

We, the couple will enjoy the honeymoon-location
We are here for awhile in your dream vacation!