Oliver William - Page 5


If you can walk with the hard and tuff then you will find morning after the darkest end.
If you want to fly high, try to trace out, what’s going to happen in the end.
If you can dare to start then the next moment you will surely say can reach up to end.
If you are entangled into something serious, then don’t put your head down,
Rise before it like a mount, one day you will surely win the diamondish crown.
Sometime if starting is good may it could happen that much good or worst be the end.
While starting doing good for other, in the way troubles may come but it won’t be end the end.
While doing a little bad of other body, think much how bad would be your end.
A man can never be a starter, and can’t do the end, but go on ‘n on if you can for your run.
(c.k as oliver)


My heart says something to me, are the things to you clarified.
With the things which you have, tell me are you satisfied.
Sometimes you’re happy, times you’re sad, make things verified.
With your links or break ups, are you still very satisfied.
With the things moving around you, tell me have you classified.
With your happiness or sorrows, with those are you satisfied?
Things of others when you see, then with your own you not feel pride.
You sometimes say of change, what makes you feel unsatisfied.
Try to be within his wish, gave you wisely, make yourself satisfied
(c.k as oliver)

Away Gone…

You were having heart so soft, I was of stone.
When I wanted to say something, you were gone.
Gave others false smile in reality heart’s crying on.
To stop you from going away I never dared.
Things which hurt you, I never ever sought or cared.
I want to be so close to you, but you, going so far away.
You’re surrounded with bodies, am really alone.
My heart Want to be with you, but are far away gone.
May you’re gone; I’ll die, to see you in arms of another one.
Have felt love in heart yours, may you too be alone.
Have seen the silent tears, May you’ve not cried or so on.
You’re moving eyes from lies, before I speak, you were gone.
Words I want say, how could else have put you on.
Without giving me any chance to improve, you were gone.
Want make right, you proved to be a stone, ‘n away gone.
Desire to have you, with you, it’s also away gone.

(c.k as oliver)


If something have to be……
Then in seconds it would be.
If something really can’t be,
Then do whatever you can do,
It would never – never be.
If something you want to shake,
Then practice,,, May it could be.
Never try to have the thing,
Which you know your can’t be.
No bother for the unseen,
Whatever will be – will be,
Wait ‘n dare for truth all around,
Result in your favor will be.
(c.k as oliver)

Of My Heart

Of my heart is in my heart,
Want have something to have a start,
Desire neither love nor any apart.
Want just to hear ‘n do of my heart.
Leave things which stop ‘start’.
Once I’ll close my eyes apart,
Opening want see hearing beats of my heart.
You running for me a long track,
Want see you crying’ loneliness of my heart.
Bounce or nothing I want back,
New track making is desire of my heart.
Tear, cut leave or make a crack,
For my dreams come true I’ll do all of my heart.
(c.k as oliver)


They say here’s nothing impossible, ‘possible’.
Everything and all better may you know,
My illusion and mistakes, made you let go.
Now my life is empty, nothing to win ‘n lose.
No more laughter’s and not a single trouble,
When I think of you, rest life becomes impossible.
Wounds have been healed, but scars‘re still ‘n so.
What am saying ‘n dreaming, all you better know.
All thoughts ‘n for what I am hoping is impossible.
In nights eyes are drizzling, memories are killing.
You are so stronger; from mind you give me a throw.
Than me, you can have much finer, surely possible.
Those days I was careless, sorry is very less to say.
For I don’t come to your ways, to lord I’ll always pray.
Win I got for struggles, my world is really awesome.
But something I got stolen, to have back is impossible.
It’s all sound of heart, someone tell, him is impossible.
(c.k as oliver)


To move freely anywhere could stand and stare with style,
Want to copy nobody neither I am in mood that world following me,
Want to have freedom could be civil or may style very wild,
Have what I desire, leave or hold what comes to my mind but in style,
Sometimes screws of my mind get loosed I too lose my style,
At the same time my master gives me the new rhythm and new divine,
With that rhythmic happiness am pumped up with new style,
You too can enjoy this heavenly godly rhythm just love him once a time,
Go on loving him look and feel his every beautiful divine style.
Will never get sad never demand worldly thing after having dyne style.
For what he has sent you here do that right just in his style.
C.K as oliver..

Again Alone

Tip – tip drops are falling again,
Am feeling the part I spent alone.
Tick -tock clock is running again.
Will time come back which’s gone?
Slow – slow snow is falling again,
Am recalling season that’s gone.
Fast – fast are days going again?
All is same but am, standing alone.
Road – road am roaming again,
With hope in heart, to see you again.
Back – back is, the time coming again.
Will dream come true or happen again.
Dark – dark is surrounding again.
Am standing from where you were gone.
Come – come, come back again.
My heart desires to have you back again.
(c.k as oliver)