Oliver William - Page 3

Why Should I

If someone certainly falls down we always laugh at that body,
Never try to guess from how much pain has that body suffered.
Waste lots of money in parties but never tried giving needy something.
We always try to be faster than others but never try to wait for left one.
Never try to make one understand cut your cloth according to your cloth.
If that’s not ready to take it in mind than run for him I why should I?
A temple broken can be repaired but why the heart broken cannot be,
If I can’t help it then why should I break the heart? Why should I,
If someone is not getting peace to see my politeness still speaking high?
Then for how long polite could I, but his method ‘adopt’ no why should I,
See injustice ‘quite’ remain should I, if others are quite but why should I,
If others are wasting my mother land then doing them copy why should I,
If others are hating and fighting with each other then why should I,
If others are blaming god for wrong with them then why should I,
If people are loving each other then doing a copy of them yes should.

Master Mins

who makes in me so much noise,
who says me have a choice.

who makes me go so crazy,
who makes me go so lazy.

who takes me back to my past,
who makes the present going so fast.

who makes me feel takin’ decisions wrong,
who makes me in bad time go strong.

who makes me of success dream,
who, if fails then screams.

who in anger makes me blind,
this player is just my master mind
(c.k as oliver)

Lussy ‘n Pussy

Lucy has cat names pussy,
Lucy’s head is little but ruse,
Pussy is running for a rat,
Lucy’s brother is very fat,
Gray is playing with ball bat,
His ball by chance hit the rat,
Enjoying dead rat is pussy cat.
(c.k as oliver)

Far Away

Find out the heart which is beating –far away.
Find out the life which is living –far away.
Move to the body which is waiting –far away.
Move to life which is shaking the hearts- far away.
Move away from bad which is taking you -far away.
Live up the life rigth now one day you’ll be -far away.
Don’t shake past so bad that’ll take you- far away.
Dream for good hope best you’ll come over- for ever
(c.K as oliver)

Will You Be

Whenever in trouble’s I’ll be, will you be there standing for me?
Whenever sad I’ll be, will you be there having smiles for me?
Whenever in needs I’ll be, will you be there having help for me?
Whenever very late I’ll be, will you be there still waiting for me?
Whenever I couldn’t speak, will you be there having words for me?
Whenever very far away I’ll be, will you be there still looking for me?
Whenever alone I’ll be, will you be there having parties just for me?
Whenever going down I’ll be, will you be there, having cheers for me?
Whenever faraway I’ll be, will you be there, saying prayers for me?
Whenever in shrine I’ll be, will you be there, in eyes having tears for me?
(c.k as oliver)


Who say’s gens’ bad,
Oh! Baby it’s all you ‘n me.
Things which you can’t stop,
Oh! Baby then let them be.
Chance you’ll once have,
Oh! Baby can’t you set it free.
Eye with Tear make it clear,
Oh! Baby to happiness give an entry.
If I give chance, frankly to you,
Then would you dance or groove,
Or you’ll effort to have better fruit.
Dear do what you can do,
Once chance would be given to you.
(c.k as oliver)

Can I Be

Can I be the one for you, as I was once for you?
Can you give me chance, as I was once giving to you?
Can you say me mine, as once I was hearty saying to you?
Can’t you accept me however I am, as once I was accepting you?
Can’t you believe me, as once I was having trust on you?
Can I be the only for you, as once I was just and only for you?
Can’t I make your wounds aided, ‘n every time I’ll be waiting for you?
Can’t you lose something for me, as once I was drawing all for you?
Can’t I be not in your thoughts, as once I was all time thinking for you?

Damn Angel

What that damn angel had done,
Tied the sky ‘n burnt the burning sun.
Left behind on road the running ones,
Stood forward and started shooting.
Angel broke the stars threw very down.
That’s naughty and too much cunning,
Plays ‘n cheat, enemy thus he defeats.
From face pretending very cute ‘n sweet,
In hands has many arrows and bow,
Shoots down the enemy, never let him go.
Destroyed everything just in funky mood,
To his dear friends that sweet is very rude.
Now these days he is playing with six guns,
Firing at owns what that damn angel had done.
(c.k as oliver)

Am I A Fool

Whenever I walk alone, I start following shadow of my own,
People watch me doing so, without caring for them I go on ‘n on,
I enjoy doing so, but why do people see me, am I so special, or am a fool
I find a little madness in me; you too have felt it may be never cared.
I am fine and but that time scared, come to home but mind still there.
Try hard to make mind understand, baby! It’s a trend and going on.
People stare at the people walking alone, broken heart thinking on.
Am I so special, or just a fool, yes I know I am not the one whom people see.
I want to be something so that should; people should stand only to see me.
This time is walking alone, nothing with me, but courage that woos me.
Still same is going in mind, ‘am I a fool’; will not remain always same.
(c.k as oliver)

Road Romeos

Can see me on the roads, in the bars, am a vagabond.
People call me road Romeo. As my life is going on,
I have endless life am standing here from centuries.
I tease going girls; I make comments on their curls.
Many times I have company, only few times am alone.
Many times am rich, few times I belong to the middle.
I fight; can kill for my Juliet, for it I am mostly known.
Move in the roads and in the streets, stand on the turns.
I don’t bother for what I have done, free from blood bond.
I can cross the limits, break the bonds, am a vagabond.
Am beloved son of mother, but in reality am a raven.
One more quality of mine is am ready to help anybody
Mostly don’t expect it from me; I lay in a funky mood.
Am ready to fuck, am blind follower and a lover of music.
You can find me on the side of a road, or in the city core.
Try hard or not but I will not stay away from the road,
Ok dear am the road Romeo, give me wine I’ll say more
I can die for whom I love; I can kill the one whom I hate.
That’s why I am renowned; people call me road Romeo.
(c.k as oliver)