Oliver William - Page 2

One Stranger Your’s Will Be…

Talking to a stranger is strange,
One’s goodness can make you change…
Thing needed one should be loyal,
That loyal can make your soul royal…
One will leave an impression bright,
With one from inside you’ll feel light…
Bad will change to see the love pure,
Don’t worry you’ll see the one for sure…
Will come really, to make you see,
Stand truly, in your arms one will be…

From Numb To Plumb

I am waiting for a killer to come.
I can’t feel my own pain, even am not numb.
I can’t feel beauty of any charming.
I am just stable, looking for me to get hung.
I only see sans reason tears falling.
I find only people becoming alive succumb.
I know these are nothing effecting.
I want somebody to come & make me plumb.

Silent Saying

When for a while you talked not,
In the sea of sadness ‘n tears I got lost.
I waited long, watched your face,
You were just busy doing my love’s trace.
Not for a moment you turned to me,
Crying heart saying, have smiling look at me.
entire World will be dark without you,
but to see your turn, my thoughts down grew.
You held my hand again, said nothing,
That day I found, your silence saying everything.

If You….then I’ll

If you are right then am right…
if you are wrong then am wrong…

if you are sad then am sad…
if you are happy then am happy…

if you are ok then am ok…
if you cry then i’ll give you my shoulder….

if you do bad then i’ll help you making that good…
if you’ll fail to decide then i’ll try to make you decide…

if you are happy with someone else, then i’ll be happy while living in your memories…


Life is empty but still pressed,
Fake relations all well dressed.
Every life is tuff ‘n easy going,
Some before problems are bowing.
Became famous who had lucky star,
Or those who had worked very hard.
Lags behind sometime a struggler,
And never happy can be a smuggler.
In bosom of fools, anger makes shower,
In patience’s chest, stays wisdom flower.
In lonesome mostly people just cry,
Some start smiling making tears dry.
Person breaks when faith is ejected,
Becomes alive, when trust is erected.
Man makes man’s simple thing go so hard,
Sometime it’s difficult to have a new start.
We should hear, what says our soul wife,
‘n we should learn lesson from every life.

Puppet’s Pray

This clay’s puppet wants’ to pray,
In this world here’s only your hold sway.
Today again I suffered from a bad day,
Please never let it come back in my way.
If it comes, then with me you stay.
That time, healing words for me you say.
One day, death will make me bray.
Before that I’ll have to pay and defray.
I want to come to you, please send dray.
On me dear, put one single divine ray.
Am in dismay, on me make love’s spray.
I’d be grateful, if you put light on this astray.


Don’t you knew,
Whatever is with you,
Either your cheer’s stolen,
You just continue.
Or if your heart is crack,
May your eyes are wet,
One day all will set back,
You just continue.
Either you’re failing on,
Or your heart’s going down,
You’re feeling ‘nothing’s your’
Still you just continue.
Promises go bare wrong,
Tries always grew,
Like for this, you just continue.
I know this is easy to say,
Very hard is to continue.

Shrine of mine

I’d carry on walking,
Till it’s not the end of mine,
Still am going strong,
But moving are, feet of mine.
So hard… keeping eyes on line.
In my life before my death,
Want to have a little confess.
Want to see merci of divine.
Long ‘n long I’ll go, before,.
Before I reach, shrine of mine.
(c.k as oliver)


If someday god came to me and asked me what I would like to be
Then I will say ‘children’ if you can and I would like to be
If he asked ‘why’ only ‘children’ you dear want to be,
Then I’ll say just ‘because child is tension free so would like to be,
I can play with anyone the heavy rain and paper boat o! See
Hug from daddy and a kiss from dear mummy,
Play in the soil, where one day I’ll really be so children I want to be,
As I’ll be a child there would be no worry and cries around me,
I’ll not abuse anybody to do wrong thing with me.
I’ll demand just toys, company of little’s and mummy daddy for me,
I’ll come to your house with them so I want be a children.
A pure heart I’ll be keeping this is the reason ‘children’ I want to be.
(c.k as oliver)

Hell ‘N Heaven

Time passed with speed I mean, very fast
At last I have something with me but least
I am so called human or the devil a beast
Satisfied, happy were am & with what I have,
Don’t cry in pains only laugh and smile,
This is the reason people call me last but least
Sometimes a human, but all time devil beast.
‘Devil’ ‘cause I smile to see the paining ones,
Taking as baby! It’s his game it’s his will.
cry in heart, do something show something,
Know this whole world is his playground,
‘Good’ because I try to help the one in pain,
I mostly feel to see his justice with a beast,
He has gifted me many things, thank you,
But am satisfied with what I have at least.
(C.K as Oliver)