Happy Birthday Bhabhi

To a very special sister-in-law,
That truly shines, Bright as a star….

In the darkest of times, With love to u I say,
I hope you have a great birthday….

And good things come your way,
I value our relationship & think it’s the best,
With u in my life, I am truly blessed…..

Whether we’re together or we’re far apart,
U know that u’re someone, Who’s close to my heart,
May ur birthday be the best…..

U’re in my heart dear sister-in-law,
In a very special way ,

Thank u……

“Thank u Guys for being there for showing me the path,
Thank u for always forgiving me for mistakes,
Thank u for always staying by my side,
Thank u for giving me the courage,
Thank u for listened to my problems,
In a kind and caring way,
I’m only complete when u are near,
Guys I couldn’t forget all of u,
Even at the last breath I take,
Coz u’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

I’m Truly In Love With U………..

“The day I met u,
U melted my heart,
So many different emotions,
R flowing through my veins,
I’m wondering what this means…..
Our relationship has blossomed,
From a bud into a flower,
U have Stolen my heart away,
And it happened so quickly,
But I figured it out today…….
Ur special ways of doing things,
In everything that u touch,
U have a special heart,
One that is full of caring,
Ur heart is filled with genuine love………
I’m so thankful to have u in my life,
Who has a true heart,
I’m truly in love with u…..”

»-(¯`v´¯)-»Hold my hand»-(¯`v´¯)-»

“Hold my hand and baby come to me,
I want you to know I gave you all of me.
I will be here for you always and forever,
don’t ask me to leave for I will forsake you never.
My love for you is eternal and everlasting,
meeting you I consider to be my greatest blessing.
Let my love shine it’s light upon you always,
I will be here for you on the good but especially on the bad days.
So go out now, into the world….
spread your golden wings and fly.
Every time I look up into the sky
and see an angel I will know it is you, flying high.”