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I am happy
coz you are happy
Happiness is a nature,So I am thirsty of its taste,
Sadness is path of sorrow, so that is far away from its self,
A kind of tenderness on circle’s out side,
But stability on center point,
I have seen in your eyes,that kind of stability,
I also want to stable,
will you help me?
I know very well life is like a river,changes are its nature,
I also want to be change,
will you help me???????

Submitted by mintu rana.


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you don’t understand my feelings,
I also not,
You don’t like love, affection & compromises,
I don’t like lies & hate,
You are too busy to be part of sky,
I am too busy to be a part of soil,
You are happy with your towering heights,
I am happy with my deepness,
And that’s the reason
You don’t understand my feelings & I also not……….

Submitted by mintu rana.