Tuning High

On a sunny day
I went out yeay
Took the country route
In my fishing boots

On a sunny day
I went out yeay

Life’s a funny game
You ought a play
When nothing’s at stake
‘Ts all about the way

On a sunny day
I went out yeay

Stars in the sky
Dreams in my eyes
No win no loose
You gotta choose

On a sunny day
I went out yeay

Singing with the wind
Dancing in the waves
Gonna fly to the moon
Am lost far away

On a sunny day
I went out yeay
Took the country route
In my fishing boots

My Umbrella

My dear umbrella
where are you
its been a few days
am so much missing you

you were there for me
every where all the time
so many months
some years may be

are you permanently gone?
forever lost and never found?
my heart aches, cant take
not seeing you around

so very helpful and handy
you had been to me
there in my memories
you would always be

Runnig Late …

Cumig to ofc lateee
Cause hav a date
Mah darlgg wyf awaits
An early appotmnt
I hd to mke
Lost in dreamzz
All count of tym
Hours & minutes I forget
Plannig n plotting
Emails nd excuses
Oh God! So mch it tkes
Dese mny efrts
& in da end
Neithr a hug
Nor a peck on cheeks
Nt evn on my bald
Anytg I dunt get

Dream Guy

Waiting for someone special
Been counting hours & minutes
Searching the world all around
Looking here & there everywhere
Sky is the limit
The person who would be
A friend and a guide
Supporting in times of need
Pampering in times of greed
Might play & fight
Or even tease at times
Hand in hand
Sailing along the way
Together in delight
Together in dismay
From start of days
Till end of nights
Whole of my world
Would revolve around him
With him being there
Everything’s worth a dime
Caring in bad moments
Taking pride in good ones
Each step of the journey goes on
Carving beautiful treasured memories
Our feelings precious untold
Enjoying life as it unfolds
Greeting the moon & the sun
Understanding one another
A little more each day
With passing sands of time
Two hearts become one someday
Endless love flowing forever
Anything that destiny gives
With smiles on our faces we take

Smday …

Endless dayz ,, neva endg nits ..
Gone r da hppy momnts ,,
Itz bn quite a while ..

Waitg for wondrs to happn ..
Hw long it goes on ,,
Wil thr b a stop .. ?

Stuck in realty ,, lost in dreamz ..
Pain & Sorrows til whn I think ,,
A miracle smday ,, all I wish ..

Beyond Words …

So far away yet so near
Not there in my sight but
Always in my heart you reside

Love it when you tease
Dying to be your side
Wish time stops its ride

So many things I want to say
Though, not many of them I can
Wonder would you ever feel the same

Don’t know what will come along
Should I wait or move on
Trapped in questions am all alone

Like a silver shinning star you are
Having you is like joy above par
Dreams are entangled reality is so far

Lovestruck …

You and me ,,
On an empty street ..
Life is short ,,
And still we dream ..

Drizzling dew ,,
Mesemerizing hue ..
Hand in hand ,,
Wanna go ahead ..

Burning desires ,,
Love like fire ..
Heartbeats high ,,
Hold me tight ..

Hurdles & Pain ,,
Darkness all around ..
Your sparkling smile ,,
Bright all night ..

Shimmering moon ,, twinkling stars ,,
No matter how far ..
Now & always ,, all the way ,,
You & me ,, together we are ..

Forever … U & Me

Wantd 2 write smthg 4 u ..
Kpt on thinkg wat 2 do ??
Neithr v hv known long ..
Nor did v tok oftn πŸ™
Bt does tat mattr !!
Hw mch I lv u <3 Isn’t really a wondr πŸ˜‰ Ystday or tomorw,, whr evr,, far away .. Thr in my heart,, beby u’l stay πŸ™‚ Sm relatns do grow ovr tym .. Ours is bit excptn ~ indeed spcl :* Ur swtness worth millions of dime !! Who cares hw lil v wre togthr :/ No questn no doubt u’r alwz myn πŸ˜€ Lik a mirage in desrt <3 Ur wrds touchd me swthrt πŸ™‚ Distnc nd tym may tk dre ride :’( Wteva happns ,, nw n foreva .. * * U wl find me by ur side * *

Searching Life …

Trapped in questions
Multiple decisions
Which way leads where
Looking for some answers

What to do
What not
Few people I love
Some things wanna do

Heart and mind
Confused Tired
How can I choose
Dreams commitments happiness duty

Only if life
Became easier
Things could work out
Like science and calculations

Hope destiny meets
desires someday
Fiddling riddles all along
Dunno what lies ahead

Nw & Alwz …

u n me ..
on an empty street ,,
lif is short ..
n stil v dream ,,

ur twinklg eyes ..
m so msemrized ,,
ur sparklig smile ..
mks me more wild ..

drops of rain ,,
on ur face ..
our momnts alive ,,
in my head ..

days r long ,,
nits dont end ..
close 2 my heart ,,
yet so far away ..

evrywhr i jus ,,
hear ur voice ..
hand in hand ,,
wanna go ahead ..

shimmerg moon ,,
shinng stars ..
heartbeats high ,,
hold me tight ..

drizzling dew ,,
luvly view ..
all d way aroun ,,
bn luking 4 u ..

bright n dark ,,
hpy n pain ..
wen u nt dre ,,
‘ts all d same ..

being wit u ,,
lif’s b’ful ..
ur nt being thr ,,
m nt woth a dime ..

dreamz on fire ,,
lost all hopes ..
no count of tym ,,
cn’t go on anymore ..