Lin Christal

I don’t know how to explain what LOVE is..

I don’t know how to explain what LOVE is..

But,what i know is i care for you,want to do things with you always and want to do things for you with out expecting you to do same thing in return..I accept your good and your bad side with out hesitation and you do same in return and that things make us complete as one..

Maybe that enough for me to explain that what i feel and what i do is the GREAT LOVE I have for you!!

My Reasons For Loving You

They said that love is blind?
Do you believe in that?
I don’t coz i don’t love you
coz you are handsome,
or that you are rich.
But I love you
for you are so good to me,
for you are rich with your love to me,
for you are my baby,
and my dear husband.
I love you for who you are,
I accept you for what you have,
I need you coz i know i do love you.
There’s a lot of reasons for why I do love you.
Not only for good things but for the bad things.
I do promise to share all my life with you.
I know loving you has a lot of reasons
Sometimes i am clueless, i just listen to
what my heart says,and i don’t think deep on
what my mind says.
But surely i assure you the two things my heart and
my mind says same thing I love you.

What I Love about You

I love watching you every time you smile when we talked,the way your lips move saying you love me.Its like the first time we meet it still melting me baby..

Your face…makes me imagine that our child will be look like you.

Your eyes…I love to see it when you blink,its perfect and tantalizing that i want to see everyday.I love when you look at me sincerely,make me know how serious the love you have for me.

Your body,I love every time we snuggle.I can feel your hard chest and warm body,it comfort me and feel safe and secure with your love…

What i love most when you whisper “I LOVE YOU BABY!”

I can say that I don’t want any changes baby,I love the way we have,the way we do,and i am contented living with you…coz,I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU…