Kumud Ranjan

The Disguised Life

Alone always I walked on the street
Unnoticed, tried to vanish in the mist
My heart always pondered of grief n agony
It had been years since I laughed merrily

People side to me used to praise then
I worked heartily to fulfill their expectations
Never turned back to see where I had come
Very far from others I felt like dumb

Then I had my dreams in my eyes
Now I had to prove dreams of others true
For they are my well wishers n friends
I’ll have to do even if I feel blue

Screamed my soul, my heart got wounded
Never cared of but endeavored to be decent
Though the scars of grieves were prudent
None could find the truth I was lucky
My smile even in worst days became mystery
Tears rolled from my eyes in rain

My sadness never tried to refrain
My fake smiles n cheap amusement

I lived a life which was never mine
To my conscience I always lied
I became a person having no dreams
No expectations, had only self pride

I lost so far many things in my life
None could become my friend ,but strife
Was only pal lived with me forever
Proudly I’ll say “ the world I disguise”
When you can’t ever make me happy
Please don’t cry too on my sad demise…

What She Is To Me?

She is dreams of many eyes
Like angels she is pretty n bright
Her eyes shine like sapphires
She is a fascinating desire

Words r less to describe her
Artisans fail to portray the girl
I find her in fairy tales
It’s stargaze where she dwells

Special she is very close to me
She is fresh petals of rose in dew
She gives me the zest of life
With her I won’t feel ever strife

Statue of my love is she
I will b always happy with thee
Would unleash my copious desires
O god ! Listen to this much of my prayer
Make always my love feel better n better…..


In a night once I felt wondered
Why insects fell flattered
Surrender In front of light
Is it merely for bright?
They didn’t get anything
Why foolishly lose their life?

It was winter night , bright but lonely
I felt the breeze cool and lively
To my wonder I saw a girl
So cute was she like pearl
I found her in my heart

I couldn’t dare that day
I love you ’I never say
She is now far away from me
Don’t know where is she

The insect sacrificed it’s life
Why?now it stroke to my mind!
It is for that love sake
As I’d always wait
Anywhere she could meet
Then I’d dare to say
I loved you since that day!!!!

Why He Lost His Life?

He was burning in flames
His love made him insane
I saw him on street n thought
What has made him to love!!

He lived in the lake of tears
At every knock had some fear
Dirty in torn clothes with beard
People say was he a drunkard

It was ocean of love where he dived
Where from none has survived
Strange but true he was smiling
Was stray ailing, that man was dying?

He died and lost his life for waste
My mind always asked a question
Why did he gave up his life
For whom he had no relation?

A Light In Dark

That quiet night dogs were barking
A scary dark like demon was haunting
Surprised was I, witnessed a light in dark
Dim it was, fragile, fighting with air
As if loneliness of dark made it to fear

No one was around the light
Uncared, stray it was as if neglected
Trying to shrink in it still had warmth
Around it were few playing moth

No oil left was to support the light
Strings didn’t want to burn any more
The more it tried more it fainted
Finally fell that defeated warrior
Sacrificed its life for light that martyr…..

It died though didn’t give up
fought with bravery did its job
No hurdle could screw it up
it sacrificed its life illuminated


What leaves you stunned and puzzled
Even In dim light you feel dazzled
Think dear, is it a truth or illusion
That keeps you in haze and confusion

It seems so gleaming like dreams
Appears dribbling but not a stream
Look like dusk but it is not sun set
It is nothing but an alluring figment

Obsessive though it is hard to believe
More closer you go more it deceives
Do you know what’s the situation
Dear! It is not truth but an illusion

People work for it nights and days
For this falsity mirage hopefully pray
Hard to grasp, even saints are its prey
In a corner of heart this Satan lay

It compels an urbane behave as swine
Controls your soul and brings in turmoil
Never neglect this feeling my friend
More you ignore more it is dominant

Life is too small to overcome this feeling
Of life we can only be a loyal raider
O dear! This is worldly and afore proven
It is not a truth but an illusion

Life An Immortal Feeling

Like dusts I sprang into air
For others I never care
I flied as if I had wings
Like a kite without strings

Even in gloomy days I laughed merrily
While I was facing pain dreadfully
Against of me was the whole world
I didn’t say a single word

While the sun burnt my bear feet
I stood alone away of the street
I had also lost my dear friends
Solitary then , I lost my sense!

Even then I stood tall alone
For I knew once the life gone
People would count the best things
What you had done as a nice being

No matter how rich you were
Matters how many ditches you cover
No matter how much you read books
Matters how many you have crooked

Like a legend life you live
Like solemn to needy you give
Live the life like jovial
Cause life is a feeling immortal…….!

She Had A Lovely Serene Face

She had a lovely serene face
Wearing a loving red dress
I first saw her at the road crossing
She vanished , but left me tossing

She disappeared from there
I didn’t know where?
She was looking incredible
as in ocean a bright pebble…..

I searched her daily at that place
Didn’t get any trace , nor the address
That night she met me on street
She smiled didn’t try to meet…

She nodded to meet me
My eyes shone with glee
We had the first date In a park
I was delighted ,though was it dark

The time came,when I proposed her
She responded as if we’re stranger
never before I was so helpless!
That made me a reckless.

Five years had passed now
Life now is on fast busy track
She’s become memory of past
That’ll remain deep in my heart

Sometimes I Have…..

Sometimes I have voices carried by the evening winds
Not sound but laughter & her heart beats
Her love in my soul is blooming
Me in myself, n my isolation is melting

She is a new dawn for me
My mind don’t want it to recognize
For it is afraid of facing the light
But my heart has somehow realized
It’s my dream that has revived

My silence applauded her presence
How sweet is she and her ignorance?
Soothened my heart like cool breeze
Of spring ,I feel the enigmatic fragrance

Sometimes I feel afraid of the dusk
Will she accept me as her love
Would I be ever cuddled by her
Will God ever listen to my prayer………


I walked thru’ the road silent in night
No man till far was in my sight
Frozen dew on leaves were resting
I found was very soothing

I heard my conscience talking to me
My heart got in talk with glee
How from the crowd I am kept away
How my own had betrayed…

I sweated for my success always
Loved all as much as I can
They too valued me, wished of me
Benevolent I was, in the society

My love was my only hope
Had promised, won’t leave me ever
That black day she too left me lonely
I entered the world of grief & agony

Since then trust never was my pal
Was screwed up, wounded in hurdles
Hated I am was, left alone screaming
It was only dark whom I could cuddle

The road has come to the end now
Didn’t achieve but lost lot on my way
Alas! Tomorrow will be my last day
Don’t ever come to my grave
There u will get only… silence