Keith D’souza

Love and its Heartache

I try to tell you, I like you
But you seem to push me away
I try and tell you words of meaning
But what words could I possibly say

I try to come near you
And see into your heart
Do I mean nothing
Your tearing me apart

In so little words
I think you care
But when I peer into your heart
I’m not the only one there

I wish upon a star
That maybe we can be together
So deep in spirit
In God’s eyes forever

I cry these tears
But what do they mean to you
Do you see me hurting
My heart’s broken so true

What do you see
When you look into my eyes
People say you can see the soul
Well can you see of how mind cries

But do you care
You say you do
But do your words come from the heart
And are they true

Do you look at my face
If you do you’ll see no smile
And you won’t
Until time passes awhile

Why don’t you just say
I’ll never have you
Why don’t you just say
What your hearts telling you

Why don’t you just say
You don’t really care
And if I look into your heart
I won’t be there

We’ll never be
Anything more
Than what we are
Or were before

Why don’t you just say
I never liked you
I just told you I did
To see what you’d do

Well I’ll tell you this day
Exactly what I did
I cried in my pillow
Worse than a little kid

I cried tears of pain
Tears of heartache
But I guess that’s part of love
and it’s heartbreak

I’m sorry but
I’ll never let go
If we ever have a chance
Do let me know

A Heart Tells Tales

A shattered heart tells many tales of times that a loved
one has broken it.
Many stories of painful moments that have left a heart
torn into pieces and never whole.
The gashes grow bigger with each moment it cannot
undo or force itself to forget.
A heart never forgets or truly heals it only mends
temporarily until another tale is born.

Why Am I Alone?

Why Am I Alone?
Asked a soft gentle voice
I have only friends
But no love
Alone I stand in the shadows,
The deep shadows of life.
I’m all alone in here
It’s like a fog or mist
That’s surrounds me
My vision is blurred
And I can no longer feel.
Soon I will vanish
Into the darkness forever
No one shall miss me
I will not be remembered.
Why Am I Alone?
Asked a soft gentle voice
Time passed in silence
There was no answer………

Alone – Sad Poem

My self is now mine, no longer up for the takin’
people had their chance
they took it only to return it blacker than when it left
you took my innocence
you took my naivety
your tip? anger
you left anger…bitter and not so sweet anger
how can you cause so much pain?
why do you want to hurt me?
you and your damn eyes
you and your damn words
you, you and even you
i sat in awe
thought things could for once be
last time no, but maybe this time
let me try again
no more
i’ve hit the end
i’ve frayed my rope
it’s over
i will not seek
i will not find
i will not hope
i will be alone
lonliness will be mine
but a loniness not worse from the lack of you
a loniness where i can’t miss what i don’t have
where i can’t miss what i never knew
lack of knowledge can make me ignorant
but it can’t make me hurt, it can only hurt you
a heart already broken, shattered,but not dissolved
and this is how it will stay
go away
come not near me
hate will eat me
hate found me
but you lead it here and i will push that away too
i will not seek
i will not find
i will not hope
i will be alone
my wall was broken by your words
by my yearn to be loved
by the string of hope i once clung too
no more
it is gone
don’t try
love is not for this
love is not for thee
impossible to love
impossible to reach
if you seek, you will not find
if you hope, you will be alone
i will be alone
leave me alone.

My Wish

As I sit here, looking at the sea.
I know you and I were meant to be.
I only wish I could make you see,
How much your love means to me.
I wish I could walk up to you,
and speak the words that lovers do.
But now I sit here,
sad and blue,

Wishing I could be with you.