Juneah Landicho - Page 7

I Hate You

I hate you for letting someone hold you than I do
I hate you for being so absurd
I hate you for letting someone do the things I should do.
I hate you for being such a jerk.

I hate you for being so out of your mind
I hate you for being so insensitive
I hate you for being so dishonest
I hate you for being so unfaithful.

I hate you for after all those things you’ve done
I hate the way I feel for I Love you still.
I hate you the most for being you…but
I hate myself most for I keep on loving you…
That’s why I HATE YOU…

Mommy May

Mommy MAY” is what I called her
And she’s such a dear friend
Real friend that I can count on
In the happiest day of my life
Even in my most weary nights.

Sometimes, as if we’re sisters
On our own simple ways we knew
Love, trust and faith to one another

That’s the friendship that we treasure
And will be kept in my heart forevermore
Like her to know that I value her friendship
And I look at her as a friend, sister and a mother as well

I Got The Message

You are too busy with your work,
And I’m too busy with mine.
We didn’t have a time to walk,
And not even for a small talk.

All day long I wonder,
Have you ever think of me?
All day long I fear,
Have you thought of leaving me?

Sometimes I think and reconsider,
All the things we do together;
Those made me wonder even more
Why it is not the same as before?

Until one day you came,
You look so drunk and insane.
I held you in my arms so close
You held me closer to you and whisper…

You whisper a name my darling
But that name is not mine my dear
So that night I cried and cried
For I got the message my dear…

Broken Heart of a Friend…

I met a guy who is so tall
I met a guy who is so nice
This guy I met became a friend
A friend to trust until the end.

This guy friend of mine act so sweet
Then suddenly, acted so weird.
This guy friend of mine admit a thing
That he fell in love with me, sure thing.

He told me that I was so easy to love
He told me that I’m his special love
For he can no longer hide it anymore.
For I to him is a friend no more.

I told my friend, forget that thing
For I cannot offer him the same thing.
I told my friend, please stay as friends
For my heart beats for some one else.

This guy friend of mine insists his love
I told him again, please be just a friend
Is that so hard for you to comprehend?
For my heart belongs to a special man.

A man whom I walked through the aisle with
A man whom I always cherished with
For that man and I become as one
That can never be replaced with anyone.

I’m sorry my friend if I broke your heart,
But you know it from the very start
That special man that holds my heart
Is a husband of mine and we will never part…

A Special Gift

If there is a thing called anniversary
I’m sure it was nothing without the monthsary.
Today is the day we need to celebrate
For it is our special monthsary day.

Months have passed since we first met
I never thought that I could love even through the net
We keep on chatting everyday, not to forget every single day
For it is where our love starts, from then on you had your way.

A way of showing me how it feels to be loved;
A way of caring, loving even someone else’s love.
I hope some how by now you should have known
I do care and love you for real, you know.

I made this poem on this special day my love
To let you know how true it is my love…
I made this poem on our monthsary
To let you know that you’re special to me.

I would like you to know that there is a gift that comes your way…
It’s not a thing that money can buy, sure not too expensive in any way,
But I hope you like the simple yet special gift from me to you my love…
For that special gift I can offer is no other than ME and my love…

Stranger In My Eyes

I know a man who happened to be
Someone who always care for me.
He gave me his love and loyalty,
With him I’m always happy.

I know this man for so long,
Long enough to call him my own
I thought that our love will last for long
Long enough as forevermore…

I thought that he always cared
I thought that he is always fair
I thought that I knew him that much
Not until he lied to me so much…

As I look into his eyes, I see no one
No one that used to care
No one that used to love
No one that I can call my own
For I know my love is with someone’s home.

As each day of my life passes by
I find it hard to believe that
Someone that I once knew
Will be someone that I hardly knew
A man who is now a stranger in my eyes…

Who the Man?

Gorgeous, good looking, handsome man with oozing sex appeal
Like to chat and talk a lot about life and love life
Everything he does comes out naturally
Not a chance for a dull moment with him
Naughty sometimes but you’ll know by heart his a good man…

I Never Thought

I used to be so happy with the one I love.
I used to be so sweet and care so much.
I used to care, trust and love faithfully.
But then so suddenly, I felt so scared…

Scared to those who said they care,
Scared to those who said they love me.
Scared to trust and care again.
Scared to love and hurt and again.

I never thought it will ever happen
I never thought I will feel this way
I never thought that you will leave me
I never thought you and I were done…

I never thought that one day will come
That I will ever love again.
I never thought that I find someone
To care, trust and love again.
I never thought that someone will be
The one that I never thought will leave me….

Start Over Again

Once upon a time, we felt love,
Once upon a time, we fall out of love.
For once in our life we have to decide,
For what’s good there is in store for us.

For once, we have to admit our mistakes,
For once, we have to be sensitive in each other’s feelings.
For once, we have to be firm in our actions.
For once, we have to act us one.

For once, you’ve said forget the past,
For once, you’ve said we have to move on.
For once, you’ve said let’s make our love last,
For once, twice, thrice you’ve said…
Let’s just forget the past and start over again…

How can we forget the past and move on?
If we keep on doing the things we shouldn’t do…
How can we make our love last my love?
If we never felt the same way as before…
How can we start over again my love?
If it’s easier said than done my love, to start over again…


Fun for me is being with you.
In every little thing you do;
Nice simple jokes we share;
Good memories are everywhere.
Every time you’re near, laughter is in the air.
Remembering you always for being a JOKER…