Juneah Landicho - Page 6

It’s Too Late

Its’ hard to love someone without loving you back
The same love you offer, you can never take back
It’s hard to loose a person, a person close to your heart
A person you know someday would break your heart.

It’s hard for me to leave you, God knows it’s true
I hope you know that I loved you as much as I can offer you
But the thing my friend, this love needs to end
For I don’t want to hurt you, my conscience couldn’t take
So I have to leave you now, before it’s too late.

I know right now, you don’t understand
But I hope someday you do, why I did this to you
Everything’s easier said that done, my friend
Sorry if I hurt you, but it’s the best I can do, before it’s too late.

YOU Made Me Stronger…

You were there with me when I needed someone
Someone to talk to, to cry with and to laugh with
Yes, you were there with me all those wary nights
All those time that I was in the dark, you shed light.

I’m thankful for having you as my friend
For you were always there to comfort me
You were there beside me to tell me everything will be alright
You were there to catch me every time that I fall.

You were there when I need you, but are you really there?
Thought you loved me, how come you act, as if you don’t care?
You are the reason why I am acting this way now, my friend
But still, I thank you, for you made me stronger…

Stronger as the beast that roar in the wild
Stronger as the storm across the ocean
Stronger as the diamond that won’t break
Stronger enough to take all heart aches….

I thank you my friend, for you made me stronger…


“Ate” is what I called her
Rich in beauty inside of her
Lovely is the day when I’m with her
Even the nights are better
Never did she allow anyone to hurt me
In her sweet little hugs and kisses
End each day with such a giggles.

My sister is shy, sweet and simple
And not to mention, she hates to have a pimple!
You surely like her if you’ve known her as I am
Over the years she surely keep our secret
Rest is history as a penny in my pocket
End of the story for I can’t say any
Sure is that she’s the best sister to me and to many…

Greatest Mother

A very beautiful woman inside and out
In her loving arms that caress me
Day and night she watched over me
And makes sure I grow pretty as I can ever be

Delicious food she makes to feed me everyday
Endless sleep she has when I’m sick for a day
Loneliness in her eyes every time I’m not okay

Cares so much for me and love me as me
Affectionate enough as a mother to me
She sings me a melody in her heart
That filled with so much love
In the most wary and fearful nights.
Lots of trials I have gone through,
Lots of support she offers me through and through.
Oh Lord I thank you for a mother who help me through!

My life is full of blessing whenever she’s around me
And she made me as wonderful as she
Yes, I thank you Lord for giving me
Oh such a great friend and a mother to me
Rest assured that I will take care of thee
Endlessly is my love to her as the rainbow, she knew
Special is what she is, for she’s the greatest mother forever true…

Forever True

Respectful and a loving father as he’ll ever be
On my eyes as well as with my brothers and sisters
Delicate to others feelings most specially to his siblings
Respect and cares enough to his wife and love ones
In his own simple way, he makes sure we’re okay
God fearing, thrust worthy and understanding
Of all his special traits this makes him outstanding.

May I take this special day an opportunity?
And thank you for filling my life with such a beauty
You will always be a wonderful father for me
Of course not to forget how you helped me
Reach for the stars and made my dream come true
Endless as the rainbow is my love for you
So in this day forth I tell you, my love for you will be forever true…

Keep the Love Alive

I wake up each morning
And I keep on wondering
What should I do to have you here with me?
To let you know you complete me honey.

I walk through the aisle with you my love
And promise that you’ll be forever loved
A love that we will always cherish
And my trust for you won’t ever perish.

I will do everything for you with all my heart
And even do anything so we will never part
Your love for me is what I always live for
So I’ll do whatever it takes just to keep the love alive…

Real Friends Forever

Oliver is the name who likes to say “PTL”.
Looks like a clown to me for being so funny.
In his own little way he makes people laugh.
Very naughty most of the time and yet he look so tough?
Even though he look like Mr. Bean to many
Rich in having friend like me though don’t have money.

All I can say is that he is a nice friend of mine
Right when we met in this office for quite some time
Rumors, is what he does during his spare time
In “Rockband2” he plays guitar while I play the drums
Over and over we enjoying playing together
Like real band mates and team mates forever
And of course not to mention, real friends forever…

Something About ME

Jolly type of person every time
Understanding most of the time
Naughty when needed to be sometimes
Even tried to be funny at times
Adorable to a lot of persons who knows her
Reasonable enough to be friend her
Irreplaceable by Beyonce is her favorite song
Care so much for her body and does not like to wear thong
Humble enough for her beauty for she thinks it doesn’t last for long.

Like to watch movies and play PSP at home
And enjoys playing Rockband2 but not alone
Nice to those people who treat her right
Damn those who doesn’t know how to treat a girl right
In her own simple way she brightens up someone’s life
Courageous enough to face the challenges in her own life
Honesty of a person is such a treasure for her
Or else she’ll dump you and you will see her never!

I Thank Thee

It’s the 13th day of May when you were born in to this world
It is such a wonderful day of your life since then.
It is the day that I thank your mother
For she gave birth to a wonderful man.

A man that is so special in every way
A man that I will love in any way
A man that I thank for loving me
And being my hubby for he marries me.
But most especially I thank thee for HE gave you to me…

I’m Tired

I wake up early in the morning and have some tea
Then I go to the bathroom to wash up and pea
I need to go to work as early as nine
Then out of the office late at night.

I only work five days a week
But sure thing it made me weak
I’m tired of the things I do at work
I’m tired and had no choice but work.

I have to work to earn some money
But I can’t save even just a penny
For I have to pay for water and electric bills
And also for school and home bills.

I’m tired of the things that I always do
I’m tired of all the hardships and pain in life
I’m tired for working in able to survive
I’m tired, yes I am, but I will never be tired of YOU…