Juneah Landicho - Page 5


I’ll always remember the way you smile
Cheek of yours with such a cute dimple.
I’ll always remember the way you look at me
With those wonderful brown eyes melt my heart.

I’ll always remember the way that you talk
You have such a sweet voice
That can make me stood up all night long
Just to talk to you until the morning comes.

I’ll always remember the way that you care.
I’ll always remember that you are always there
To walk beside me and hold my hand
With such a softest hand I’ve ever hold.

I’ll always remember the way that I feel
When you hold me in your arms so close
I’ll remember the warmth of your touch
And of course your sweet embraces.

I’ll always remember the way that you kiss
You kiss me softly with your gentle lips.
I’ll always remember that wonderful song
That music will forever be a food for my soul…


I hate to be blame for the things I didn’t do
I hate to hurt someone, especially you.
I hate to do this, but what else can I do?
If I know that I can never have you…

I hate to take blame on something other’s do
For I already had enough so much things to do.
I hate to leave you like this
So I hope my friend, you’ll forgive me with this.

Forgive me for I have hurt you
Please, forgive me for leaving you.
Most especially, forgive for I love you…
Because you love me, I can never blame you…

The One

As I wake up this morning
I dried the tears in my eyes
For now I realize, I have to move on
For this moment on, I’m on my own.

I hope you understand it when I say,
“One is enough, Two is so much”,
And three is a poison that can kill a person.”
One is enough to break someone’s heart, my love.

I hope by now, you should have known
That you broke my heart once, my love
And I don’t want it to be broken twice with the same man.
It is why I didn’t give you a second chance.

If still you don’t understand, I ask you this one more time,
“If everybody deserves a second chance
Would it mean we also have the freedom?
To waste the first ONE?”…


Love itself is perfect
There were no right or wrong.
Love is so kind
And sometimes it is blind.

Love is a full of mysteries
A symphony, a melody so sweet.
Love is precious than gold
Too much for us o hold.

Love is giving
Sharing and forgiving.
Love is a temporary madness
It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides.

Love distills desire upon the eyes,
Love brings bewitching grace into the heart.
Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart.
Love is good, for good is GOD, so GOD is LOVE…


I always thought you were the best
That is why I choose you among the rest
We had a lot of things in common
Important one is to sing a song…

You and I would love to sing
Sing a lot of songs we knew
I even tried to sing the one I hardly knew
Because it was fun singing with you.

I would like you to remember me this way
Even now that we parted ways
Living with our separate lives
And find the courage to survive.

I will surely miss your voice
And the songs we used to sing
So please my friend promise me one thing
Your heart will go on, even without our SONG…

He Can Never Be Mine

Once I had a friend
He is the closest one I had
But then something went bad
Bad or good, really I can’t tell
For I myself don’t feel well…

He’s been so nice and sweet
And tried to please me every time we meet
He knows I’m a married woman
And yet he insists for his love to come.

At first I was so afraid
Afraid to risk the love that grows
It grows and grows each time we meet
And it really knocks me off my feet.

Weeks pass by until one day
I decide to “Take a Risk”
“I never thought” that on that day
I’d say, “You will always be my baby”.

It’s been great for quiet sometime
And we surely did have lots of fun
A fun that we both deserve
For we love each other, though it’s absurd.

Until one day I realize something
I need to decide and make it right
For he deserve much love than mine
For I know, He can never be mine…

Please LET ME GO…

You and I were once in love
So much in love for quite some time
And thought that love will never end
But then that’s the truth we can’t amend.

There’s a saying if you love someone, set them free
If it comes back, then it’s yours to keep
But if it wasn’t, then it never was…
So please don’t weep for I am not yours to keep.

When you held my hand and told me you love me
I cannot feel the love that runs through my veins
What I feel is different and that I can’t explain
All I can say is, “Please let me go”…

I Am, Not You

You’re always the one who make me smile
You’re always there when I need you
You always find time to be with me
Even your schedules at work can be affected.

You always think you gave enough
And so you expect me to do the same
Just as much, as much as you have given
But is it really important, to get even?

I don’t understand why it should be like this
For I didn’t ask you to do any of this
Have you forgotten that you’re the one?
Who tried and convinced me with a kiss?

I never thought that all this time
When you tell me that you’ll be mine
You think I can offer you the same thing?
For you do know, I have a ring…

I have a ring that tied a knot
A knot that binds my heart
For this heart of mine is no longer free
I am, not you, who are always free…


Once I choose to take a journey
A journey that brings joy and happiness
A journey that made me feels alive
A journey that make my life worth while.

Once I took this journey
A journey where two hearts met
A journey where the love is full
Only to find out I was such a fool.

Once in my life I had this journey
A journey which I never thought I’d take
A journey to trust, love and risk my life
A journey that I know I shouldn’t take.

Once in my life I made a mistake
To make it right I need to break
Someone’s heart whose love won’t fade
And wake up this day, as the journey ends.


It’s six o’clock in the morning
I was in a hurry to go to work
And as I enter the terminal train
Someone behind grab my hand.

I was so shocked that it was you
Because I never thought of seeing you
You said to me “can we just talk?”
And so I look for a chair as I walk

Then we sat by the terminal chair
With lots of people passing by
You seem so lost and want to cry
Then you beg for our love not to let it die.

You cried and cried, try to convince me
You cried and cried and tell me you love me
You hold my hand so tight and won’t let go
But I beg you to please, let me go.

I’m so sorry for not giving you another chance
Because my love, you already had it once
You said you’re sorry for what you’ve done
And yet you blame me for why this has come?

I swear to myself I won’t let you see me cry
So it would be easier for you to forget me by.
I have to be strong and firm with my decision
I have to do this; someday you’ll know the reason.

Then finally you stop crying and stand up
But you throw something at me before you walk fast
It was a picture of you with a poem from me
Living it crumpled like my heart, and then you left me.

Is this the way you want it to end?
Living me behind like a piece of shit?!
I never thought you’d do such thing
To live me behind as if I was nothing!

I am nothing, yes, that’s what I am to you
You just made me realized my perceptions are true
I never thought it would end like this,
You just left me there without a bid of farewell…