Juneah Landicho - Page 4

Missing You

I miss your smile…
I miss your loving face…
I miss your arms with sweet embrace…
I miss you…

I miss the way you look at me…
I miss the way you hold my hand…
I miss the way you hold me tight…
I miss you…

I miss the way how you touch my lips
I miss the way how we kiss…
I miss the way we made love…
I miss you…

I never thought that I would be missing you…
Though you are always here beside me…
Yet, my love I miss you…

You and I

I always remember the first time we’ve glance at each other
I didn’t even notice that it was you, the one that I always “texted”…

I always remember all those wonderful friendship quotes you’ve sent…
And eventually, those love quotes with the touch of your true love…

I always remember the first time we had lunch together…
I always remember that very first time you made me laugh…

I always remember the first time I made you “fruit salad” for you told me it was your favorite dessert…
I remembered how you like the way it is for it has a lot of cheese…

I always remember that I like you to be my friend but not as more than friends…
I remembered that I even tried to push you away and to tell you to court my other “friend”…

I always remember that you always care and you’re always there whenever I need you…
I always remember that no matter how I tried to push you away, you still stay…

I remembered how jealous I felt when I saw you with my other “friend”…
I remembered that I told myself “Why do I feel this way? does it mean I want him now more than just friends?”…

Then I remembered how fast my heartbeats when finally we’ve kissed…
From then on I told myself… this is the kind of man I shouldn’t miss…

Finally, enough of playing hard to get for I don’t want you to be upset…
I told you that I do love you, too and from then on YOU and I shared a love so true…

Only Hope

You shed light when I’m in the dark
You shed tears when I’m lonely
You shed laughter when I’m happy
You shed love when I feel unloved
And most specially, you gave me
My Only Hope to survive…

ONDOY, a Nightmare

It was 26th day of September, a day I’ll always remember
For something happened, that I have never imagined.
Early morning in that day, I’m having such a good time with my daughter
When suddenly we heard the news, that typhoon Ondoy was everywhere.

I immediately put raincoat on my daughter and plan to go some place to save her
But as we go downstairs, the flood was spreading really fast!
The water was extraordinary, the color of it looks like a coffee
But of course you can’t drink any; for sure it was very dirty…

It was flood full of mud that when you see it, surely you’ll get mad.
Ondoy was all over the trees, houses and streets and worst, all over the country.
Ondoy didn’t give us a chance to vacate the place, so we just hurried back upstairs.
We tried to put everything on top of the closet, even tried to make some things not to get wet.

We thought that it will never reach upstairs, but it was only eleven in the morning
When I suddenly felt the water was at my feet! So we went out of the room and to the terrace we go.
From there, we see things and people floating, swimming on the flood.
It was really scary that my daughter began to cry. I try to calm her and told her I won’t leave her side.
Just hold on to my hand and we will swim together, if it’s the only way for us to survive…

Good thing is that her daddy was with us. My husband’s dad, cousin and uncle are there too. We are all seven trapped in the terrace, but later, I can’t count the numbers
For the neighbors and the others are there with us, too.

My hubby and the others tried to make a way, to let us all walk on the roof top
To be able to go to the house that is tall enough, sure in this day, we have to be tough.
He carried my daughter at his back, walk slowly towards the roof top
I followed him carefully until we reach to the top.

At last, we’re all on the roof top. Sitting there feeling so cold.
I let my daughter sleep on my lap, while my hubby helps the others to be with us.
The rain continuously fall really bad, the wind blows so strong.
I just hope that it will not last for long.

Aside from hoping, I have to do something.
Somehow, somewhere, I might get help.
I reach for my phone and try to call for help.
But who can help us? If they, too, needs help.

I’m starting to loose hope and give up.
I started to cry as I watch the others.
Babies are crying, the old and the others are praying.
Oh yes, I remember, there’s only ONE who can help us with all this.

I prayed to Him, “Oh Lord, if this is going to end, please let it end now.
I know you can let it stop and save us.
For you are powerful than the typhoon and stronger than anyone or anything else.
But if this is how our life will end, Oh Lord, I’ll offer you my soul, together with all the people gathered here.
Please take us all by your hand and save us.”

So now, ONDOY, a Nightmare it was!
But sure did leave a lesson to all of us.
That no matter how young, old, rich or poor,
In the eyes of the Lord, we are but the same
We are His children and His love for us is pure…

I’d Rather

God knows when the typhoon Ondoy strikes
I prayed hard to spare our lives
For I still have lot of things to do
To do all of it together with “you”.

God knows how much I cried
To beg for our love not to die
To change everything back to normal
To begin a new life with “you and I”.

God knows how much I’ve loved you
But I guess you didn’t see it through
For you doesn’t take a chance
To look at me or even take a glance.

Why my love, I don’t understand
Why you seem so distant to us
Are you not happy being with us?
To spend some of your precious time with us?

If only I knew nothing much have changed,
If only I knew, I’m the only one who’s hoping
Hoping for us to live us one happy family…
I’d rather ask God to take my life today!

Who Am I???

My friends find me cute and kind.
Close friends knows I’m sensitive.
For those who really know me
Can tell that I’m jolly and outgoing person.
Generous, sensitive and naughty sometimes.

I used to believe that I am really all that.
Until something happened with someone
And that someone was supposed to know me.
Not just know me but love me with all this.
All the positive attitudes I have.

But now, I don’t really know who I am.
For that someone made me changed.
Before I knew it, I’m all negative…
In every little thing I say and do…
And I guess I’m never good enough for him…

I’m negative and I’m good at it! That’s what he made me.
Is this what I really am??? Is this now what he sees of me???
Even I know that I myself can change to be positive.
But that someone still thinks and acts the same…
Then I guess he’s the only one who can tell me and all of you…
Who Am I…?


I can say that my greatest fear in life is to loose the one I love.
I fear of loosing someone so close and so dear to me.
That someone can be a friend, a family, a lover or even a pet.

It is why I always cry when I loose a friend so dear.
Even if this friend of mine will just go and face the challenges of her/his own dreams abroad.
I fear for her/his safety for he/she is too far away from home and from me.
I fear that if ever something bad happens to them, I can’t do anything about it to help them for it is so distant.

I also fear for the sudden and an provided death of a relative.
Because I fear of loosing someone who is always been there for me.
To whom I can always count on and ensure myself that I do have someone to depend on.
I fear for them, for when they die, I can never tell whether I will be able to see them again in the new world or a new life that each living souls will soon surely take.

I fear of loosing someone I love so dearly. I fear of loosing my daughter.
Because my life is never the same since I gave birth and life to her.
I fear that when the time comes that she has to leave and live the life on her own, she might get hurt, wounded and destroyed by those who are so unkind in this wild world.

Lastly, I fear for loosing all of them, my friend, my family and all those that I love. Because, without them I can never feel cared, loved and alive.
I fear of not knowing what it is like to live in this world full of trials and regrets without someone to love. It is love, which keeps me or us alive…

A Friend of Mine “MALS”

Malene is the name of a friend
A friend of mine who’s one of the best
Leaving us soon for a career in Singapore
Explore carefully and reach for your dreams
Not to forget us all here who love you so dear
Enjoy every journey that you take, my friend

Pray for your safety wherever you are
And hope for the best that is to come
Live your life to the fullest my friend
And May you do find your happiness
Just always remember I’m here for you
Endless is our friendship; please take it with you…

God Bless you MALS! I will miss you… Take care…

Move On

Good day has come
For it is the time
The time for us
To move on…

Move on for a new day
Move on, come what may
Move on from the past we had
Move on and please don’t be mad.

You had a chance to love someone
And please don’t treat her like anyone
For she maybe the “angel” you need
Able to love you and give all you need.

So from this day forth my friend
Move on, and be happy until the end
My only wish for my beloved friend
May she love only you until the end…


There were once in my life I love a man
Real love, a love I never felt with anyone
And he told me he love me just the same
Something came up; I felt his love has changed
How cruel is his love, for he left me here like a TRASH…