Juneah Landicho - Page 3

Almighty Hands

Eden is a place where I wanted to be
Reaching out for someone who’s always there for me
In these world full of trails & regrets
Caress of your almighty hands wipe away my tears…

Sister Chelie

Chelie was born under the sign of Virgo.
Her charm, she always wears to boost her ego.
Evidently, she cares a lot for her beauty
Like to wear makeup even if there’s no party.
In her simple way, she’s a loving sister to me
Even though sometimes she throws pillow at me.

My sister Chelie married a man
A man she loves with all her heart
Yes, she’s just like me with so much love to give.
Oh I pray to God to bless her with a baby
Rich in beauty & healthy, a girl or a boy may be
End her loneliness for she dream to be a mother someday
So she will be happy completely the way she deserves to be.


I thought I will never have someone special in my life once more.
Someone who brings joy, wisdom & love.
Someone like you.
Because I have been such an idiot!
Such a senseless & stupid person before…
Because I’m afraid to love
I’m afraid to get hurt once more
I’m afraid of love, of hurt and of man!
Not until the day you came into my life
You bring out the best in me
You take all my fears away
And now I’m not afraid to love again.
For to love is such a wonderful thing
Especially when shared with a wonderful person
And that wonderful man is none other than YOU…


So busy for school, for work, for the family
Because your mom was sick
Because your dad always ask you to do a lot of things
Because of the traffic, the weather, the car won’t start
Lots of excuses I’ve heard of!

Why do you have to do this to me?
Why you make me believe you care for only me?
Why do I thought all this time your love was true?
Only to realize I was living in your world full of lies…

Why my love, why? Why you did this to me?
Is it because the time has not been such a friend?
Is it because I left you for a month due to work?
Or is it because for someone who takes my place when I was gone?

Yes, I know! Enough for excuses!
Just tell it to my face that you don’t need me anymore
Oh such a pitiful face! All those time I thought I loved a man
A man who’s strong to face the challenges in life
A man enough to fight for his love.

Well now, take my advice as a friend
Don’t do such excuses no more
For to love is not to tell excuses and lies
But to tell the truth above it all
Because true love’s not worth for an excuse at all!

Quotation of Life

Action speaks loader than words
As eyes believes themselves
But ears believe other people
Such a quotation of life…
Yes, life itself is a quotation
For the man who lives a life makes his own quote.

Just like the future is in our hands
Our future depends on what we are today
The life we are living for today depends upon yesterday
But sometimes yesterday’s never quite the same
Yes, there’s a lot of difference.

For there’s always something new
We meet someone who’s different
And what makes that someone different?
An attitude…
For a little attitude makes a big difference…

Forget Me Not

Although things may change as time goes by,
Yesterdays always remain the same.
Some people change, other’s not
And there are always some things we forgot.
But there are a thing in my life does not;
To love and to forget you not.
So, this my love I say to you;
“Forget me never, if you still want to live a life of forever!”


All those wonderful things you’ve given me;
In my sorrowful night, you’re always my light.
Delighted to have you as my mother
For you to me, the greatest mother ever!

Goodbye to Love

After those times of yearning, of hoping, of caring and of longing…
All those things I cared for; all the love I gave for;
All those times I thought he cared…
Yet, the day comes for me to know
That I was so blind to see
Because he cared for someone, not me…
So from now on, I told myself never to hope, to care and to love…
For in the end I was the one who’s lost in love.
But then, I know I have all my life to live
And got all my love to give
But this time I have to make sure
That someone cares for only me
Because I don’t want to hear me say again,
Goodbye to love!


What’s the sense of living a life without someone to love?
What’s the sense of caring with someone who doesn’t care?
What’s the sense of wasting my time for someone who took me for granted for a long time?
What’s the sense of staying in a relationship without love?

All the answer is clear now…As clear as the sky above…
On that day when he said “I don’t love you anymore”…
It hurt me so badly and I couldn’t accept it… much worse when he said;
“I don’t want to live with you anymore… I don’t have a wife!”…

Then it hit me really hard… I can’t take the pain…
Rivers of tears I cried everyday and every night…
So I have no choice but to walk away… and let you go…
For now I know what you’ve all said was true;
“Relationship without love is senseless”… especially with a man like you!


What future lies above the sky and beneath the ocean?
What future may it bring if I am here all alone?
What future will I have if I don’t have you here with me?
What future does make sense if I let you go?

People say let go of the past and move on…
But how can I move on if I don’t have the strength
The strength to let go of you and just move a long…
The strength to live without a beautiful dream that you and I should cherish…

Tell me my love how to let go of the past and move on…
Help me to face all the challenges in this cruel life…
Please be here beside me to keep my feet on the ground
And let us both cherish what future lies within our hearts…