Juneah Landicho - Page 2


I can’t believe you really asked me
If I do have plans
Funny you have the courage
To speak it out and that’s strange.

I’m still young full of hopes and dreams
Willing to take what life brings
I have a lot of plans for the future
Plan to move forward, that’s for sure.

I’m always open to any possibilities
To face the challenges in life, there is;
I have a lot of plans, yes I do.
But the real question is why don’t you?


Nobody’s perfect.
That is so true.
No man is an island.
That I agree, too.

We’re only human
So we make mistakes
But we’re also human
To choose what life we take.

I made a mistake once
And it’s a “major major” one.
I don’t want to make the same mistake again
So, I choose not to love you, again.

For to error is human,
To love is divine.
But to piss me off is a mistake
That you shouldn’t take!

Grow Up

You think you’re smart.
You think you’re cute.
You think you had it all.
You think you’re good.

You’re a married man
But do you think and act like one?
You party everyday,
And you think its ok?

You send your child to school
And you think your duty is done.
You had a lot of time for your friends.
But with your child, you barely have some.

You think you’re a good father,
Because you think you’re a good provider.
Have you really thought about that?
Apparently, not because you haven’t really have the balls to


You smile at me,
I smile back.
You tell me “I love you”,
And I replied “I love you, too”.

You kiss me,
I kiss back.
You hug me,
I hug you back.

Then you lied to me.
So, I lied back.
You hurt me,
So, I hurt you more.

Guess I simply apply
What’s the Golden rule.
If you just love me,
Then I will Love you more.
But then you hurt and betrayed me,
So I’ll dump you, for sure…

Too much for the talking…

You talk too much
And it’s all non-sense.
You talk too much
It gives me a headache.

You are too proud
Your pride is too big.
You think you’re perfect
But the truth’s your pathetic.

You soar to high
Can’t put your feet on the ground
Oh, what a sigh
You’ll fall under ground.

Watch out for the debris
Scattered with your dreams
Oh what a pity
For you will be empty.

If you don’t have any good things to say,
Just shut the hell up!
Less talk, less mistakes..
Too much for the talking..tsk!tsk!tsk!


After nine months of waiting
Finally you are here
You bring joy to your mother
And definitely to your father, too.

You were so small & yet so beautiful.
You made your parent’s life so wonderful.
You will surely be blessed & be happy that’s for sure.
Because you’re the first baby after all…


Time is important in our everyday life
It tells us when it’s to smile,
It also tells us when it’s time to cry.
Time for sorrow, pain and be lonely
Time for laughter and be happy.

Time is a treasure each one should keep;
For time when you lost it, surely you’ll weep.
Time is a gift each one ever holds;
For time truly is gold.

Time can mend a broken heart;
Yet time can break a waiting heart.
Time is all I have to share
Because for me, the most precious gift I can give someone is my TIME…


Right from the day when I was born
Always making up a fight with someone
Not to mention if that someone was his own size or not
Not even if it’s his sister like me!
Even though he is always like that,
Like to tease & beat me before but now he changed a lot.

My brother married the woman she truly love
And now is the father of my beautiful niece I do love.
You can never really tell when people may change
Over years, over time or each day that passes by.
Right now, he is a respectful man
Eager to fight for the ones he love & for his country
Soldier, he is now, just like our father used to be…

I Miss You

Every day of my life spent without you
Remain so worthless and I feel so blue.
It’s just that I really want to see you
Because I know in my heart how I badly miss you.
Kind of funny or crazy I may think though;
Sometimes I wonder why it had to be so-
Oh how I wish you’re here to cheer me up!
Nothing more I could ask from above
Just to see you beside me when I woke up.

Dearest I do hope you feel the same way, too
All this time what I think of was you.
Longing for those wonderful times we shared
In your own simple way, you show how much you care.
Reminiscing special moments we always share
Envious to those who’s with you
Because I really miss you so bad…

Endless Love

Day after day I want to see your smile
And feel your heartbeat close to mine.
Loving someone sweetly & that was you
Is such an easy thing for me to do.
Remember that you’ll always stay in my heart
Endless as forever is our love for we will never part…