Jessi Lynn

Untold Story.

The rain is coming down and I can hardly see, what it is, exactly, ahead of me
The sky is grey and the road is long
I want so badly to just break down, to disappear without a sound, but I keep walking, each step one with the ground
As I walk begin to see, that no one has looked at me
I continue to walk, and the faces blur, why they did, I’m still unsure
I slow down, my paces are easy
This road is unfamiliar, I get dizzy
My heart hammers and it feels like its beating within my throat
Then the brightness burns my eyes, I blink twice before I look at the sky
It’s not grey anymore and I wonder why
I look around, but there’s no one to ask.
I close my eyes
I breathe in deeply, the pain is still in my chest, but it seems to be fading
I hear the soft sound of birds chirping, it opens my eye’s
Then I see the sky
Its blue, the grass is green and the world is new, so it seems
I sit down and breathe in this astonishing glory
And since there where no other eyes,
It will forever, be an untold story

Dream Catcher – Noni’s Poem.

Winds breeze by, Wolfs run wild
The blueness in the eye of a child
Summers sun brings the rain, sleepless nights, nothing to gain
White rooms, clean air
Impossible to bare
A life on the line, not enough time
Dream Catcher
Unknown range, still no change
Hope is fading, she’s not staying
Silent tears roll down faces, hearts beating at too fast of paces
Dream Catcher
Words fail, cries take place,
More tears approaching each face
No sound, no pulse, frozen time, it’s the end of the line.
Dream Catcher.

In loving memory of Noni, and her beautiful Dream Catchers.