Jennifer Caroline Jacob

You Are All That I Need

You have to really know I never meant to let you go
but its alright I learnt to be in love again
you don’t really have to say it I saw it all in u r tears
I know it hurts the both of us many miles away
when I think of you now its like a distant dream come alive
but that’s all that is left behind for me
when I see your smile I see all the grey clouds
drift away every single one till the sun shines again
don’t you know you are all that I need
that is the only thing that I wish
cant you see I would die for you my love
that’s the only thing that is left for me
even if I have to climb the highest mountain
even if I have to cross the deepest ocean
you are all that I need, you are all that I need
Tomorrow never really comes if memories are meant to fade
but it is not easy when the tears begin to flow
leaving a wandering me in a land they say where the say
dreams will come alive someday for us to be together again.

Nobody Walks Alone

of-times when the high way of life seems rough
And all your dreams have flown,
Just remember, where ever your road may go,
Nobody walks alone.
When everyone else has let you down
And under your sins you groan,
Just keep reminding your burdened heart,
Nobody walks alone
Then suddenly you’ll feel his hand in yours,
And His eyes lifting up your own,
And you’ll hear His gentle forgiving voice;

“Nobody walks alone”