Jenna g

Sorry I Let You In.

Sorry I ever fell for you,
Sorry I ever cared.
Sorry I never realized that you didn’t play fair.
Sorry you ripped my heart out,
Sorry I let you shout.
Sorry I let the real you ever come out.
I can’t believe I let you ever into my life,
All you did was cause me, oh so much strife.
Instead of saying sorry,
Maybe I should say thanks,
for teaching me everything i know,
about guys like you.

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice.

My heart beat fast,
You made it last.
My stomach turned to hear your voice,
And killed to see your face.
Mabey it was me and my indecive heart,
Hoping I could make the choice.
You played me good,
And I believed it so
That other girl knows me to,
And lucky she doesn’t know the truth.
You told me your feelings,
And I told you mine.
You used them against me in every way
So now I hurt and want to say,
Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.
Don’t think about this heart of mine.
I took it wrong, you took it right.
Don’t look at me, please don’t wave,
It only makes my heart break.