Hazeline Selvanathan

My Everything

Your presence brightens my life,
Like the sun at day.
Your smile lightens my sorrow,
Like the moon at night.
Your laughter fills my mind,
Like the sparkling stars.
Your words pierces through my heart,
Like the falling meteors.

Oh, you are special,My Love…
For you are my day and night
that conquered my heart!

My Friend

My Friend,
You were there when I passed my exams
Sharing my screams of joy.

My Friend,
You were there when I met him
Sharing my stories in excitement.

My Friend,
You were there when I graduated
Sharing my pride and experience.


My Friend,
You weren’t there when he dumped me,
Leaving me in hurt and sadness.
You weren’t there when I lost my job,
Leaving me in the dark and helpless.
You weren’t there to protect me,
Leaving me in loneliness.

Thank You, My Friend…
For sharing in my happiness & leaving in my sorrows,
For you have made me realise….
Not to call you ‘MY FRIEND’ again.