The Conversation With The Angel

To introduce myself I should not be so shy.
And fortune finding means begin to live…
I see an Angel flying in the sky,
The Angel always comes on Holly Eve.
I see and cry because he`s full of light,
He smiles to me and looks into my eyes.
His mind is clean; the spirit shines so bright,
He flies by me and even speaking tries.
– Oh, do you want to know a real goal?
But I cannot to say you everything,
I see your face and look into your soul,
I hear every song your thoughts sing.
Your way is chance you never pass away.
And now you`re staying on a real side.
You can just sleep or even crying may,
But every time you have not to decide.
I know your way; your dreams soon will be true
And even if you don`t believe in them,
You always have from me a useful clue,
You never go away into the fen…
I keep your heart in my hands every time,
I go with you on pathway through your life.
And each your tear forever will be mine.
When you send one smile then receive all five.
I listen to the Angel`s voice and cry.
The sky has opened broadly Holly Gate.
I am so happy and to answer try,
But I cannot, because myself I hate…
– You must to love yourself, the Angel says,
Because you are a flower in this site,
Because of you all Angels have a mess,
Because all people`s souls for us are bright.
I look at you and see a little child
Who wants be happy, loved and has no fear.
I am by you today and always mild,
I`ll help to fall in love and to be there…
Don`t be afraid to go another world,
Say everything you keep in funny head,
Don`t be afraid of truly kind word,
You are creative but don`t get the mad…
I wish all people see my face in heart,
I wish you have someone to be in love.
Please, learn this rule, it isn`t very hard…
And do your love, just speaking isn`t enough.

About Love

It is so strange to read about love…
A lot of words, one better other one…
But saying words is not for love enough,
It lives in our hearts and is the sun.
It can be sweet and real when we feel
Like one hand take another in the dark.
It can be awful when it makes us ill,
We are unhappy crying in the park.
It can be holly when we look at God,
In our prayers thank for everything.
It can be sleepy, shy and noisy, but
It goes away when we of tears think…
It can leave us when we believe in tears,
We shut our mind from other lonely heart,
We live alone and stay under the fears,
Just sit and wait for day another start…
But if we love we should not be afraid
Of being close to happiness in us,
Because by Angels everything were made
To make us troubles with the trusty pass…
It is so strange to read about love,
Because the feelings cannot be described.
And saying words is not for love enough…
Without love we live but we are died

I Am Your Angel

Please talk to me when sadness full your heart,
Please call me when somebody hurts you down,
When you are upset, even crying start,
When put on black and fearful, awful gown.
Please ask my help when your dreams will be broken,
When you decide to go another way.
Remember me, the words that have been spoken,
I can you warm, I always say “Please, stay!”
I always stop before you`ll do a foul,
I`ll give my hand to keep your mind for you.
I am your Angel and your happy soul…
I`ll send you words that I have ever knew.
I never let you be forever lonely,
I never push you if you go on blade.
I`ll help you fly when you are falling slowly,
When to be saved is really too late.
I`ll help to run away from evil`s thought,
I`ll give you love and kindness of my heart.
I`ll be your friend like God my soul taught,
I live for you and am your spirit part.

The Spirit`s Massage

Hello, my friend, today you`ll know the way,
Until your life will get the end
You should just go and be, and stay
When I my words to people slowly send.
I`m a ghost, you know like spirit me,
I am not dark but light is not my mind,
Because I was a human when it used to be
I`d died before you stated the angels side.
But I believe in you and hope you`ll do the best
To write my poems for all lonely hearts.
I want to say you should all pass the quests
And you will play your own happy parts.
Just listen to my soul melody,
I was a man who always sings a song…
About love and heartless tragedy,
About people`s awful, ugly clone.
I killed myself when was I thirty four
Unknown mess and nothing in the dark…
I met myself in pain, anymore
Were trying die in evil`s lonely park.
I killed myself because I was asleep,
I did not know about treasure life.
The money just unhappy souls keep…
I had a lover, then she brought a knife…
She sent me pain but I took the lie,
The poison folded all my thoughts in arms.
I shot one time and sown just partly die
I felt myself like pigs at poultry farms.
I shouted but nobody answered me…
I cried and prayed but was just by my own.
I saw my angel sitting on the tree
And singing song that means the people`s clone…
I saw the death and almost understood
That I was wrong and missed my stooped life.
I asked myself what changing make I could,
When she gave me that cold and hellish knife.
Could I forgive I really don`t know,
But now I stay between two other worlds.
Your lonely heart is full of peaceful snow,
You understand my pain and my words.
We`ll just to write and let all people read.
You`ll catch a dream and I can see the light.
We`ll be two friends, each other help we need,
We`ll meet at home when it`ll be the night.
I`ll help you reach the love and will belong
To angels who are near with your heart.
I swear you`ll never this world be alone,
You`ll meet your love, be loved and always smart.

I’m Sorry

Today is very, very cold.
I sit alone under the sky,
Remember everything you told
And I don`t know I want to cry…
I want to cry because of you,
Because I want to be not yours,
Because some special words I knew
And they will get me new curios.
Because I stay with own mind,
Because it is so bright and shy.
I need not help, I`m really tired…
I want to rest, I want to try…
I always ask my own soul:
Why have I lost my happy mood?
Why couldn’t I somebody call?
And still in darkness lonely stood?
All days and nights will pass away,
All problems die when I go sleep…
I want to say “Please, don`t go, stay!”
But just on keyboard fingers flip…
I thank you much that you by me
And ask you – please, forgive my heart.
I close my eyes… It used to be
You are my friend not soul part…

Believe in Dreams

Believe in dreams when you`re alone,
When nothing makes your soul smile,
If you don`t want to speak by phone
And read by own written file.
Believe in dreams when tears are falling down,
When people hate you for unusual thought.
Believe in dreams if you`re a funny clown,
Believe like all philosophers were taught.
Believe in dreams and sun will shine so bright,
You`ll get miracles from a friendly hand.
Believe in dreams, you shouldn’t go and fight,
You`ll go with me on this way till the end.
Believe my friend in clumsy, noisy mind,
In each love story you have got inside.
Believe in me and stand in angel`s side,
You`ll see my light is wonderful and bright.

The Spirit

Unknown spirit is at home,
It goes by me, it is alone,
It wants to make my hand to write,
When we should sleep at darkly night.
I don`t afraid because I know
That changing life is always slow.
I want to sleep, but my hand not
I`m reading words that ever wrote.
I see the spirit with my eyes,
I cannot know him, recognize.
With golden hair, loud voice…
I should just write I have no choice.
He says that i am born to write
About heart of angels` side,
About lonely people`s souls
Through darkness passing with the goals.
I`ll be so famous with my heart
If stay with spirit and be smart,
If go with him until the end,
He`ll give me love and trusty send.
The spirit says that he won`t go,
Because I need him any more,
Because he helps when I am sad,
He is my mind, he is my bread.
And I should write day after day,
But don`t believe what people say
About future in my mind,
Because the happiness i`ll find.
Because I hear the spirit`s voice,
And a have said I had no choice.
And if I don`t write this at ones,
I never loose my soul chance.
The spirit said he would not wait,
If I did not he always made.
Because my dream was just to write…
and I should do at darkly night