That was how I felt
When I saw you
A distance away from me.

My heart pumped,
Pulsated more wildly
Than the way it used to.
I was overwhelmed.

You were there.
Standing just a distance
So close…
Just a breath away.

I did not want to blink
Cuz I was so afraid
That by the time I would open my eyes again,
You would not be there anymore.

Your nearness made me forget myself.
It drifted me into a world of nothing
But just a world
Of YOU and ME…

I reached out
Wanting to touch you
But oh,I could not hold you!
I could not touch you…
I could not feel you…

Tears started to fall from my eyes
Flooding my pleading face…
For again, I knew
That I could never have you…

For you were nothing…
Nothing at all —-
But everything of a….

In the past.


In the silence of the night
Great Hands plowed the ground
Molded the clay
And shaped a being…

Night came through
The Hand labored
Carving explicitly
The work of His Hands

The stars shown in total brightness…
The moon rose to its height in adoration
As the night animals roared
In delight for the creation…

Then the sun came
Bearing with it its golden rays…
Shining through the being
That was molded anew.

Bathing the sun’s rays
The being came through
And oh, my awe!
When the creation opened its eyes……

Mighty God
I was so glad
That the creation was – – – – – –

Y O U !