Fe C. Castro

Someone For Me

As I gaze at the space in front of me,
I ask myself, how it could be?
How long shall I search for the one
whom I could always look upon?

There are times when I want to give up
With a thought that this has been laid on my life’s map
My heart kept yelling it just isn’t fair!
How could you let me go on in despair?

You owe it all to me that is what it say
Give it a try for LOVE will find a way

I truly hope that at this point there is
Someone for me amidst this abyss

Could it be you, who is reading this?
Why not let me know right away if you please?

From My Heart To you

This I want to tell you, from my heart to you
When your nights are getting cold and blue
When your days get harder too

I will always stay by your side and shall never hide
No matter how far the distance and longer the stride
Just remember that I will do everything to make you confide

But if you are feeling sad and your heart gets colder
And all you wanna do is cry on my shoulder
Be bold to tell me you want us together
And I will show you, WHAT LOVE CAN DO!