Dimple Singh


Please see the tears in my eyes
Falling down when I cry
Each drop having depth inside
Each drop filled with pain on each side
But people notice it in the form of water
So they don’t give it sympathy but torture

Please feel the beating of my heart
You would only hear love shouting from each part
It would fall in love whenever you’ll tell
As it is the part of my body no one can ever sell
It would only show you hope in every beat
But would shout in joy when lovingly you’ll treat

Please treat the loneliness of my soul
Due to sadness its turning black like coal
Just lost in this unknown world wandering around
But no awesome person like it was ever found
No matter what happens it’s still filled with love
Till we meet together again in the heaven above

Submitted by Dimple Singh.

Sitting Alone

Why do I always have to sit alone?
My sadness is just like a damage in cyclone

Why does this sadness give me a fear
Like if I have lost someone very dear

Sitting alone and rocking on the chair
Is there someone who’ll show me a little care?

My sadness is just like if I had a fight
Everyone watching me standing alone under deep sunlight

Is there anyone who could see me cry?
This kind of life is just like a bheja fry

Submitted by dimple singh.

My Last Breath

Countdown begins, just left with 1 year
But still I’m totally glad coz your presence is here
But still I am very sad
Coz you’ll forget that a friend like me you ever had

I’m just left with 1 month
But I’m still happy I have your faith
But still I’m very curious
Coz no response from your side have made me curious

I’m just left with 1 week
I still have much things to seek
Would I be able to succeed?
Will you hold my hand when I’m in need?

I’m just left with 1 day
Nothing left except to pray
To make you understand my feelings in this last moment
But I’m sure it would be like the previous days that easily went

I’m just left with my last breath
The time is just beside my death
My tears just left inside that I can’t trace
As I just passed of without seeing your face

Submitted by dimple singh.