Debasmita Acharya

Immature Pain

To the one who lives in my heart
and I know not even how to start
but these lines are just to say
I love you every single day
I am hurt when you go away!

This is my first love,immature I know
and immature is the pain you give when u go
after the romantic company, I am left by I
I don’t know the reason why
my heart asks me_
Is that the immature love for whom you cry?

yeah! life is nothing but life is pain
and tears pour like pouring rain
you bloody killer, kill me at a time
to you, matters not my love and matters not a crime

Is my heart like a hell
or is it dirty as a brothel?
you scratch on me, hurt me yet
life dont want you to forget

Go away and stay happy
never come back again
but before going take away
your immature pain

Please No More

I am tired of the way
you play with me
and all is this can see
babe u make me surly
life is no long how i dream
heart knows to talk all about him
isn’t it so silly?
is this what is love?
no! no more! it is just enough
yeah I am out of handle
i cant carry it any more
though it is true, i love him 4m my core
but what is love that gives so much pain
I am afraid he’ll go away
i am sure, today or some other day
No, i dont wanna cry
I dont wanna break down, break my dream
no please! no more! I dnt wanna love him