Daneillia Samuels


Originally written by Daneillia Leisl Samuels

So tired waking up half asleep as i walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth
oh i’d rather stay home
but i chose to earn for a living grateful…
as i pause and thank God for the blessings he showers me with daily
i can accept it or throw it away
its a matter of choice
fatigue has me!!!
as i sit in my office and think
there’s people out there who is not in a office,home,or shelter
rushing through my day to hurry home, study and cook
and finally i relax as i sit with my books
i am blessed
so blessed….
i gave it all to You Father and You have blessed me
choice!!! it was my choice to accept the blessings
my choice to keep the hope
my choice to keep the faith
Oh Father i am forver grateful!!!!
thank You for the Choices
it made me grow
i’ve learned from it
i am forever grateful….

Salts of Pain

Since the day you were born
i woke up smiling every morn
to pick you up , play with you and sometimes fall asleep in front of you favorite tv show
no we had no idea what the future holds
the laughter and the tears, all at the same time
fun and joy, you were my only sibling
my best friend
you were all i had
not one day have i treated you bad in anyway
yes, there were days when you were mad
sometimes you threw me with things
but you were the baby
you still are
i sit and think of you… trying not to see all that as only a memory
the pain i feel in my heart is unexplainable
tears streaming down my face
as i miss you dearly
a month has passed and i haven’t seen your face
people gossip and ask questions i dont know answers to
the stories i hear from people i thought cared
im in total disgrace
where can you be
we tried all we could
salts of pain are all i have
salts of pain on my pillow case
weeping…day by day
still i don’t see a way
hope i find in my salts of pain
light i see in my salts of pain
never will i stop till you are home where you belong
salts of pain healing my heart
salts of pain i can’t believe we are apart