Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 8

Life is Worth Living

Life is worth living
don’t spend so much time
on “whys” that you
never around living
which make you unhappy
and effect your health
and people around you
Life is worth living
live a simple life
in not coverting material things
which you’d probably be bored with
once you have them
enjoy the people around you
rather than wanting
those somewhere else
be kind to any one
and smile more
be a ray of sunshine
and do not forget that
Life is worth living…


We will forever
caught in a vicious cycles
and continue to lament
the disastrous and
heart wrenching attitude
because we don’t
wish for an attitude change
we remain stagnant
not giving full focus
to anticipate and listen
lacking of knowledge
we are forever unlearning
we are expert to pointing fingers
but not in our actions
because our own attitude
for a better or worst
are forever the bigger picture.

Ah!just Look at Them!

Similar people
gathered together
and have discussions
to how they’re great from womb
Ah!just look at them
how they live
a self-centered life
choosing to be oblivious
not having knowledge.logic and
understanding when
they’ve crossed the line
Ah!just look at them
to how obsess they are
spreading rumours.manipulative
injustices and discrimination
towards other people
Ah!just look at them
those eyes.without a smile
It’s really quiet funny
how they’ve lost their mind
A bunch of boorish people
who thinks highly of themselves
Ah!just look at them
what a shame indeed.
how they’ve always have the last words
how unpleasant and how ugly they are
not knowing any better
Ah!just look at them.

I Will Be There For You

I will be there for you
nothing can overcome my loyalty
when you seek strong arms
to keep out the cold.cruel world
I will be there for you
there’s no end of my loyalty
I’m capable and brave
and I will never let you down
when things get really dismal
I will be there for you
You’ll find a tower
of strength and refuge and
I will shower you
with lot’s of attention
I will tell a joke to get you to laugh
I’ll gently smooth away your worries
I will be there for you
with my sensible support
and my rich humour
and my eyes is beautiful with
the moon magic you remember
I will be there for you
a true friend who make believe…

Never Push Never Force

I quietly mind my own business
I will not embarrass you by rudeness
or smart-alecky attitude
However.if you challenged my temper
which I can’t stand
I can turn belligerent
Never force.never push
because when you do
it will make me turn silent
yelling and harsh voices
raised in command
will just make me shut
my eyes and ears
I can resist what you want
until doomsday but
I can’t resist affection for a minute
my mind absorb slowly
but don’t pull my patient too hard
fill my ears with music
and my eyes with beauty
and I’ll fill your heart with peace
nothing complicated
just plain and honest…..

Did You Ever Imagined…

Did you ever imagined
a place where you can secure
and concentrate of being there
Where no one to remember
the past or the future
Where time is nothing to it
Where the present runs on indefinitely
but this duration goes unnoticed
with no sign of passing time
and no other feeling
of deprivation or enjoyment.
No pleasure or pain.desire or fear
than the simple feeling
of your existence
A feeling that fills your soul entirely
and you can call yourself happy
not with poor.incomplete
and relative happiness
such as we find in life…
but with sufficient.complete and
perfect happiness
which have no emptiness to filled you
Did you ever.did you ever
imagined an impossible place
and wish you are there?

We Are All The Same

Human beings we are all the same
fills our lives with problems
of our own making
wit no determination and mind control
finding faults with others
Human beings we are all the same
we act as if we are
the best people in the world
we are selfish to the core
and never be at peace with anybody
we are bullies who love
to make the life of others miserable
we don’t like peace and compromise
Human being we are all the same
and we long for pleasure of the flesh
and also amuse ourselves
by hurting the sentiment of others
Human beings we are all the same.


is not a quantitative
or measurable and it is not
the object of any science
is this feeling of existence
this momentary self-sufficiency
that is bound up
with experience of time
is not another place
but in this place…
not for another hour…
but this hours!

Gadgets World

Never in history of mankind
have been so connected-
smartphones and tablets
make us reachable 24/7
Our lives are filled
with endless distractions
of alarms.
commuter woes and traffic.
the rhythm of modern life
is punctuation by beeps.bleeps
and generalized attention
deficit disorder
The very gadgets that meant
to simplify our lives
that make us complain or whining
and become losers and make us
out-argue or out-do others
perhaps what is needed is to occasionally silence
all those beeping and flashing
that incessantly demand our attention
and pause to reflect
on whatever we are on course
in our life journey

Thank You

Thank you for your dependable strength
that can move mountains
and make believe
that from here to tomorrow
spin a fabulous dreams
Thank you
for treating me so amazing
like no one treats me before
and make me feel and make believe
that anything is possible
Thank you
for flaming the torch of light
the way to how I seek
to what I’m looking for
and for not giving up on me
Thank you
for showering me with all your love
and all your appreciation
with compliments in my imperfect ways
Thank you
for letting me just who I am
thank you for simply being you…