Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 7

In Our Little World

How often do we look around
To see what’s going on
In our little world
If we look do we choose to see
Or just go with what we like to pretend
Are the places we’d like our lives to be
So interesting it is
To see people walking by
Driving their cars so intent
To be on being where they feel they need
Instead of where they are
So stressed and concerned
Looking for time when the truth
Is all they really have
Funny how we think it all
Mine is more important than yours
Putting so much value on things today
That will be forgotten tomorrow
Oh if only we have time to realize
All things happen in their own time
Lose our needs to criticize
What we either know nor understand
For in the end we each claim
Our own tract of land place under stone
Whose only value lies
In the how and what
We choose to see with our own eyes.


Why is that people fight.fuss and kill
Over what they don’t understand
They call upon different names
While ignoring the words
These names spoke
Arguing what these names spoke
Way back then doesn’t apply today
Yet insist we follow the names
Based upon what they say
They claim theirs
Is the only way to peace
As they maim and kill
Any who those free will
They say honour without jokes
Yet try to kill all
Who propose a different way
Even turning on themselves
Oh how great the deceiver
Who turns hand right against left
Making fools of both
The foolish and the wise
While believing he he exist
And placing the blame
Where does not stand
Oh to one day hope
These fools come to understand
The words they claim but ignore
As they were spoken by the name
They all claim as more
Than merely just be a man.

It’s The Tried And True

Frankly.I don’t see
any point in embarrassing you
by making a big fuss
like you always do
over one or two
even a few foolishness
I figure you have
enough common sense
not to repeat yourself
like a broken record
I’d decided to watch you patiently
to see if you are practical enough
to profit by your past errors
to test you and give you a chance
to prove your worth
my willingness to give you
a fear break and never judge you hastily
I won’t expect miracle overnight
nor I will mind if your a little slow
I keep loyal and willing to waste
plenty of huge supply of patience
but you’d pushed me too hard
It’s the tried and true
so enough is enough
it’s what you made me and
nothing can change my mind now
realising you’re not a friend
that worth for keep
and so this is the end of it
I won’t glance behind me
and there won’t be sheepish
returns to try again.

I Hear You!

Ah I heard your voice today
and I couldn’t help but smile
all the words you give out
all the imagination
I have of you
just come pouring through
I see what your reaching for
trying to rock the house
and so I must admit
your talented.sensitive
and obnoxious
screaming out for more
being here instead of being there
tell me what is the difference
it was suppose to fun
not no where to run…

Live Your Dreams

Live your dreams
be they big or small
it is dreams that keep us going
without dreams
life would just move along
and nothing would change
no one wants to remain stagnant
facing some difficulties
in the initial years
should not be a barrier
to pursuing your dreams
the difficulties should be seen
as a encouragement
to put in the extra effort
no body said
learning was easy
no body promise it
to be smooth sailing
but negotiating rough water is worth it
it means you move closer
to your dreams
imagine how you feel
if your dreams become reality
do that and live your dreams
allow your dreams
to come in handy
May all your dreams come true!

Free Bird

I bought my personal life
realising if I set my mind
on something and work hard
I could achieve anything
I feel as free bird
and appreciate myself more
people talk with disgust
that I end up trying many things
with sheer determination
I bought my personal life
that made me realised
how important it is for a keep
a positive mental attitude
I refuse to let
what other’s think of me
stop me from trying my best
I live my life one day at a time
and try to enjoy every moment of it
and I’m proud that I
free as a free bird
I can sing the goodness of life.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

People are always encouraged.
cajoled.and pressured towards progress.
towards growth.learn more.earn more.
do more.everything more.
this is not to say
that this is a bad per se
as human beings
we have our strengths and weaknesses
not everyone can be scientists
not everyone can make music
not everyone can be teachers
not everyone can be judge the same way
with the same yardstick
people in different
stages of their lives
have different capabilities for change
humans are creature of habbit
but habit can be broken
there is always time and capacity
to try new things
to develop oneself further
and learn something new about yourself
there’s nothing more like
challenging yourself to step out
of your comfort zone
even only just a little…


Style is about
individuality and personality
it is something you own
and knowing who you are
Style is about
being true to yourself
what you want to say and do
and not giving a damn
it is about what you want to portray
Style is about originality
and be comfortable of it
trying to emulate someone else
always result in your looking awkward
being true to yourself
is more stylish…

My Son – My hero

You are a wonderful son
Your unconditional love
resemble that of a mother
You have been all to me
You are my hero
A hero for being truthful.honest.
caring.loving and brave young men
A hero as reliable and
responsible and friend
I witness how true
You stood by your words
You give all your best
in everything that came before you
In gave it all
In hardship-You gave it all
I have you as a hero in everything
You are the warriors of my weak spirit
You are a fighter of my fearful heart
You call me Mummy with pride
You are always there
Who I can reach out to
Thank you
I will always love my hero…

Do it!

Be who you want to be
go all the way
don’t look back.if you must
whatever you want to it!
don’t let it heavy on your chest
Do it!Be who you want to be
it could mean mockery.rejection.
judgment and the worst odds
but it will be better than anything else
you can imagine
so go for it-Do it!
go all the way
there is no other feeling like that
you will be alone
you will make mistakes
but at the end of your journey
you will be ride life
straight to a perfect laughter
It’s the only good fight there is
go all the way-Do it!