Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 6

It’s Look In The Mirror

I don’t know
How to look at you and criticize
All I have to do
Is look in the mirror
To keep myself busy for many years
Unless I confess my fear
Am certainly I’m not greater than you
Don’t mistakes my words
For thinking myself so
The only person they condemn
Is standing right in my own mirror
I think not of myself
As some glorified soul
Walking far above the rest
For I known in my heart
I’ve failed so many test
So when I’ve looked at what I’ve done
There’s no way to condescend
I look at you with
Your splinters compared to mine
And I can see the forest of the trees
You know when it was left alone
And for me there’s no way
I could ever see the light of day
That’s why I’m so glad
It was taken out of my hands
And done for me so don’t ever think
In either of our minds
I see myself above you or the rest
For I know myself quiet well
And I thank God for all failures
Were taken out of my hands
And the price paid for me
For it’s a price I could never pay.

Funny You Don’t Always Know

So take a word you hear
Try to find a way to say
What you feel inside
And how its make you feel
Funny how you don’t always know
Where the world will take you
Just that you have to go
So you take a step
Try to open up your doors
As closets come running out
You think about all your doubt
All that you don’t know
Write it down as though
The grip you have is strong
As others marvels at your strength
You feel your weakness
Flowing like a tide
From a raging storm
Times are deep inside
You don’t know right or wrong
You think you do the best
But never really know fall back on
One day at a time to help you
Some kind of something
That seems like a piece of mind
You think you might just tarry
On a thought that yours alone
As though its yours to carry
Till you realize yours is not
And that whatever strength
You provide is in your written words
Letting others know they’re not alone
In taking a words they hear
Trying to find a way to say
How they feel inside
And know what it makes them feel.

So I Can Say!

It’s not my fault
That you have no good intention
Or no respect for others.
Whatever wronged you did.
So. I can say.
I don’t take weight of how bad
You’ve reacted upon my conscience
It was unfortunate and embarrassing
But that’s yours to keep
So.I can say
What matters is that
I didn’t do you any harm
nor a bad intention
I most certainly don’t let you
Affect my feelings
I’m a bigger person in this situation
And your harbouring unkind thoughts
It’s not my fault
That you labelled me something I’m not
So. I can say
Things like this happen in life
But I don’t dwell in what you did
I’d dust myself off
Keep my head up and surround myself
With good people
So.I can say
And I have my true friends
Who cares and stood by me
And it’s not my fault
That now you’re all alone
With no one to claim your friend…

Don’t Give Up On Me!

Don’t give up on me
I see what’s you’re reaching for
We shared a dreams that we hold on
All these years
I was holding on and
I love you even more
Don’t give up on me
Hand and hand we’ll walk
Till we find our way
Night will come and go
But shines will always be there
Don’t give up on me
There’s a kindness of your soul
I love you till this day
Than you’ve ever know before
Impossible it may be
Just don’t give up on me
One day we’ll reach a life
That both of us will see
Was worth all the sacrifice
Of not giving up on me
So come walk with me
There’s a fear in your eyes
That I will never see
But come take my hand
Put worry all aside
In return you’ll see
How purely you meant to me
You’re my everything
Just don’t give up on me.

Now The Red Flag Is Up

I will look you straight in the eyes
and come straight to the point
with no shilly-shallying
I’m no longer interested
in talking to you
so is what you’re saying
don’t be offended many years
without complain and
now.the red flag is up
I just honestly believe
that I can do better without you feel a little piece
of your life is missing out
don’t you?if only you’d learnt
to open your eyes and heart
if only you learnt to forgive
and believe in yourself
but it’s too late for that now
because the red flag is up…

A True Life Long Friend

Two old friends
That when they first met
They hated each other
Friendship they would never let
But as time and years went by
They found a way to tolerate
And before they knew or would admit
They had each another depend upon
As their youth scape them both
They found in their weakness
A strength.a comfort.a knowledge
Of what bond can be truly is
Towards the end they held each other up
Provided company to what turn out
To be a life long friend
Now as one grumble of moan lost
The other sleeps safe in knowing
They closed their eyes
Next to what the other seeks
A true life long friend.

I Hate You

I hate you
is that sound cruel?
saying it is really nothing
compare to how
you’d been cruel to me
I hate you
you are the one
who should be sorry
for all the pain and heartache
it was all because of pride
with poor civic behaviour
your no good for keep
what are you complaining about
givin so many chances
I realized that
if we will be friends again
it will only reopened
the wound.tearing at it.
burning it with all
the viciousness of heartaches
and it’s too late for everything now
it’s what you wanted it to be
for no good reason
you made your choice
for all I care
as you wish
I hate you…

I Am Me

I am me
with freedom and
the wits and courage
to fight for my right
to respect and be respected
I am me
I become a useful person
who could make a little
difference in the lives
of the people around me
I am me
truly honestly accepting
myself for who I am
I will never be the smartest.funniest.
prettiest.most talented
but I am me
and I’m pretty darned fabulous
in my own way and
I try to learn new things
all the time and be kind
and have the sound of moral compass
and I care about what happens
in the world around me
I am me…

I Am Tall

I am tall
even if I’m only average height
I can reach tall enough
to meet almost any emergency
life chooses to throw my way
In many ways
I am tall
tall enough to play
the game of life fairly
with cool.admirable calm
I am tall
with dignity.moral
and emotional courage
I am tall
with enough confidence of my own
that even when I fail
I get up from where I’d failed
and keep my head and move on
I am tall!

Walking In Circles

I must admit
I am just a human being
just walking in circles
trying hard to decide
when to break from the pack
walk my own path
follow my steps
wherever they may lead
walking is such a dangerous thing
scary and full of fear
be it in circles
where fear is going no where
or straight ahead and forward
not knowing where the road might lead
excusing abound for avoiding both
but the safety of contentment
is not long lived
so into the fray I go
stepped on and bruised
shoved around and ignored
for no matter the bumps
the twist and turns
what lies within me
cannot simply lie
it has to venture fort
seeking it’s place
for no matter the journey
the only thing I can’t face
is that at the end of the day
not knowing my worth
for never having tried.