Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 5

It Was You Not I

I’m not the only one
Who thought so
Nor the last
To realise
That when making friends
Are not meant to be
Trusted immediately
I did not have
A shudder of fear
When friends shared their lives
Though I am not for take advantage
But I have a memory about a dream
To how a friend
Can be so cruel
I didn’t recognise the omen
And give my trust without a fear
My heart all bruised
While I’m not rich
Yet a friend with ill intent
And evil inspiration
To cheat my money and my trust
Seemed a serious affection
Too many times
I question why
I let her fled and ignored
The echoes of her steps
Hurried away from me
Refusing to return
Only one thing
I can remember now
Even though like
A thousand knives stabbing me
Thank you for all
That you’ve done
It somehow teach me
The value of trust
And make me a better person
The pain was long gone
But the hurt still there
I no longer worry or regret
I still walk humbly and proud
That it was you
Not I…

You Stupid Bastard!

You stupid bastard
This has been going on
See how lost I am
Can you see how tears
Unrestainedly flowed and rained down
You stupid bastard
See how I’m feeling anguish
Can you hear while I screamed
Not caring who heard me
You stupid bastard
You and your bloody misbehavior
You’re clumsy in everything
In action or speech
Your irritating habit
And all your doing
That attract attention
People begin to talk
You stupid bastard
It felt a dig in my ribs
The bored look on my face
Make no doubts as to
My disinterest in whatever you say
Why would I have to suffer
To your karma oh heck
You stupid bastard.


How can words hurt
Words is just a word
So the word cannot hurt
What hurts is what meaning
You give to words and
How you interpret
Those words and the
Interpretations is yours
If you read something
They are nothing but words
Don’t strongly interpret it
In a hurtful way
And then you will not be hurt
Hurt or being upset
Whether you justify it or not
Is self damaging
So learn to refuse
Getting hurt and
That decision will
Give you more power

More Than You’ll Ever Imagine

How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever imagine
Thank you for everything
You’ve done
Like how you’ve
Always there for me
How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever imagine
Thank you for everything
You’ve done for me
You were there to join me
In my challenge in my stride
When life throws a blow on me
You never turn your back on me
How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever know
Thank you for everything
You’ve done for me
No matter what kind of mood
I am in or even in
The toughest moment
You warms my heart with love
You give up a bit
In whatever I need
How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever imagine
Thank you for everything
You’ve done for me
Thank you
Thank you…

Into The Eyes Of Truth

So here you sit and say
Your so mush wiser than the rest
You know more than us
When it all comes down to it
Yours is the only way
You claim to put yourself
High upon a perch
Shouting out a words of wisdom
On what you choose
to say covering up
All your wish
Not for us to see
You tell us how
Things should be
As you speak
Just as you heart and minds
While the words you claim to speak
Claiming everything
As you sit and say your so much wiser
Than the rest of us
Hmm I have to sit and wonder
Just what words
You’ll use
If and when the day
Does come
You have to look and answer
Into the eyes of truth

Only Truth Sets You Free

You know
I think is fine
And truly a good thing
To take your time
To realized
Truth of what you hear
You know
I think is fine
And truly a good thing
To stand up for
what you believe
The only problem
I have and see
Is not knowing
What that is
As you defend
Where you stood
With no request
For you to do so
It just make sense to me
People stand to
What they believe
But actually doesn’t quiet know
What it is
You know
I think its fine
And a truly good thing
Take time to take to rest
More myth truth
On what you hear
On only truth sets you free
Only truth sets you free.

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me
For all the times
I’d never there for you
Please forgive me
For all the times
I talked behind your back
Though it wasn’t
Done with ill intent
Please forgive me
For taking you for granted
And for not being there
When you needed me most
Please forgive me
For the times
I’d never reach
Your expectations
For not being
Good enough for you
Please forgive me…

There is Reasons When It Rains

There’s a reason when it rains
Birds don’t like to fly
There’s a reason you and me
Can’t see eye to eye
There’s a reasons
Answers don’t exist
To some question why
As we stand here talking
We know our minds and hearts
Are doing much more than walking
So in the midst of all of these
Why do we pretend
Why do we act
As though the other doesn’t know
When what we each feel
Is written in our selves
Go ahead you know the ritual
A gentle touch and kiss
The hottest passion felt
But no emotions shown
It just another show
With no center stage
The entire story played out
Behind the scenes
Sidestepping all the light
Let alone any spot
That might reveal the characters
As they really are
Oh indeed there is reasons
When it rains
Birds don’t like to fly.

Everything is Fate

For a while
I feel numb.sad and upset
I was too shocked
And my world stopped
But in the midst
Of my emotional break down
I saw you.memories
Are reflecting back faithfully
I remember how you show’d me
The purpose to live
And to take care of what interest me
Too.encourage me whenever
I hit rock-bottom
When I was all alone and lost
You held my hand and show’d me the way
Thank you for everything
That you’ve done for me
What would I be without you
Never wallow in self pity or regrets
Are you’re loveliest virtues
And that’s what I want to do
To never fail to remember
And to enjoy reflecting
To your idea’s and words of wisdom
And though without you
My joy will be greater
My love will be deeper
My life will be fuller
Because you shared your moments
My beloved grandma
You’re deeply missed
And forever etched in my hear

You Must Had Gone Mad!

As I shrugged my shoulders
I thought nothing but
You must had gone mad
For all I care
To lay bare your feeling
For goodness sake
You are not going in that direction
You must had gone mad
In showing your sincerity
What other people thinks
It doesn’t matter
You must had gone mad
For all I care
I wondered.Was it because
You felt a sense of pity
To many times before
You must had gone mad
I wouldn’t have done
The same in your place
You must had gone mad
For its me that
You’ve ever cared about
But as you go on believing
That someday you’ll reach
Your rainbow’s end
You must had gone mad
Well.I do care and I love you
Too after all…