Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 4

Just Bring That Smile-You Have Right Now

I came to you just like
You said you wanted me
If I ever needed an ear and shoulder
To help pull me through
But as you listen to my words
I saw blankness in your eyes
And I knew you no longer cared
I had waited too long
Somehow what you had said was gone
I don’t blame you at all
This all falls one on me
I’m the one who put off
Whatever we could be
How many times can an open heart plead
Swing open it’s door
To have them ignored
Too late to ask that now
The outside handle’s been broken
And no longer exist
Too much silence without one kiss
But I’m truly glad new light there
When you mention a name
As a telephone rings
I can hear in your voice
Everything I wish
And should have put there don’t hang up
Stay happy and say hello for me
I’ll slip away with errands to run
I’ll say you another day
And we’ll chat real soon
Just bring that smile
You have right now…

Only To You

I’ve had a secret
For more than half my life
I’ve never spoken
Though I felt everyday
Things have come
Things have gone
Sometimes its been
It and alone
I keep it buried deep inside
Always searching someplace to hide
I’ve live it well
Got so many stories
That I can tell
Some are fool just barely getting by
Some like cold northern breeze
Blowing from the cape
But in the end there is no scape
Just as dark fade away
Melted by the light of day
Secret live and find their way
All these years I’ve tried to hide
My secret followed by my side
And here we are standing all alone
Realizing what has come
What has gone
So here it is
My secret live no more
For more than half my life
You’ve been the one
You’ve pulled me through
My darkness night
You’ve been there in each step I took
Who knows how the future looks
But I lay my secret down
Will you take my hand
keep me walking
On solid ground
Only to you

To The Best Days Of My Life

I woke up scared today
More than I’ve ever been
All that life has dealt
Hasn’t always been
What I’d hoped to see
The places I’ve been led
Not in my vision of where I hope to be
Searching for a treasure
I’ve never found
And oh wouldn’t you know
Walking in the evening light
Through a pasture cold and alone
I turn and looked back at home
Heard my kids running through the house
Screaming and a shouting
Like a gladiators to a crowd
Then it down on me
My treasures is hidden
Right in front of me
All the luck I thought was bad
Has turn these times
Into the best days of my life
Walking through the nigh air
Past the best friend I ever had
She softly speaks to me
And beneath the stars my vision clear
I see my journey in just how far
Life has lead me
To just a place I should be
And I’m not ashamed to fall on my knees
Giving thank’s that I woke up
To the best days of my life.

I May Never Win Again

I may never win again
But at least I played it once
Did I really hear the thunder
Or was I playing against the night
I often sit and wonder
If I’ll ever play again
Funny how feeling slip away
Like a turning of a page
Leaving just a mirror
That really shows your age
Oh the dream we chased
When we were younger
So unafraid of the thunder
Now I know I may never win again
But at least I played it once
Did I really hear the thunder
Or was I playing against the night

Our Own Way

Though we claim
We are difference
There are the sameness
In what we seek
There was a way
For those who have
Ears to hear
Those who have open hearts
To reach out the grasp
And finally touch
Though we claim complication
There’s no big secret
To satisfy our needs
But with eyes close shuts
We choose our own ways
To try to ignore
With laughter and contempt
We flirt away
Though we truly believe
We don’t understand
Oh for those who have eyes
To only see there truly is a way
We loudly proclaiming
There is but one
So alternatives we create
Hoping to see hear and touch
Believing eventually
We’ll create our own way
Oh for those who have ears
Those who have eyes
To hear and see
As beloved John once wrote
In fourteen six truly is a way.

No Sense Is Made

I’m younger than I look
But older than I seem
There are days I need some years
Others not as much
Yes my eyes has been so much more
Than they do now
Though my steps are light
They worn out many shoes
So much seem brand new
Though I’ve done my share
Probably more than that
Wisdom has been gained
Some foolishness remains
As onward my life goes
With each and every step
Who can know what
Will tomorrow will bring
As we savor yesterday
That’s why no sense is made
Listening to what people say
For somewhere down the line
When others takes our place
The things we do today
Will not across their minds
That’s why I feel it’s best
To enjoy what we may
Live every moment of what we have
Thankful has come our way
Uninhibitedly by what
Others think or say
For opinions of those who fear
Would rather speak than live
So it is my hopes
Whenever our ends may come
It may comes with no regrets of how
The voice of others held us back
From living all we could.

So Many Words To Say

So many words to say
Nothing at all
How often do you hear
Foolish men speak
Trying to make themselves wise
It’s hard to imagine
How much can be said
With so little thought
But I guess once mouth run
It’s best to give them leeway
And stay out of their way
Let them float into space
And hope it’s as empty
As where they were born
I often sit alone
Ridiculed in silence
To say nothing at all
And all a simple question
Trying to keep
From laughing myself silly
Remembering Abraham’s words
About speaking and fools
And what book says
About the wisdom of men
Ah many words
To say nothing at all
A simple question
Never answered just dance around
Like an exquite ballet
I hear it everyday
As foolish men speak
Try to making themselves wise.


Worries is like rocking chair
It keeps you busy
But leads you no where
Learn to be part of
The solution rather than
Be a victim of the problem
Learn to be inwardy awake
And then you will minimise joy
If you have lived
Your life wisely and creatively
Then relaxation will
Happen automatically
And you won’t feel
Any worries…

I Know What Not To Feel Nor How To Feel!

I spend my whole childhood
Without you in more ways than one
I felt I was never had
A best childhood
Life is a continual process
Of wonder and the why’s
It used to confused me a lot
I know what not to feel nor how to feel
I spend so much time
Forlornly wondering to whether
You whether you think of me
To whether you accept and
Loved me in any way
I know how to feel nor how how to feel
Strange how time flies with such speed
I’ve since grown up
My feeling has changed
I’ve got my own life to lead now
But the past still with me
And I will certainly not
To forget about you
You are not an easy man
To forget.though your a total stranger
And with all the wonder’s and why’s
I’d never hated you
I know how I feel nor how to feel
When we finally there
Said hello.I felt the warmth
Between father and daughter
Now that you are gone
I know how to feel nor how to feel
Perhaps the only definite feeling
That I have is the nagging regret
Of not having known you more
Better before you died.

Way Back To You

Too many years
All those childish fear
Had passed me by
I’m walking own road
Through mountain fields
I no longer care
What they say
How I feel about who I am
Or how they think
I should be
The paths that I’ve walk
The miles that
I’ve put to my heels
Haves show’n me
Who I am and how I feel
Now I’m on a path
That I always should have been
My vision is clear
My heat is the same
Now I’m heading back home
I hope you still the same
They say life comes and go
Oh I don’t know
I heard it whispered
It’s never quiet too late
To correct my wrongs
Oh I hope what they say is true
As I’m walking my way to you
The stars are closer now
And autum’n setting in
But nothing will set
Till I’ve made my way back to you.