Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 32

Images of YOU

My imagination could possibly capture
even the slightest bit of the magic
i’d felt since the day we meet
the unmistakable look in your eyes
the tremor in your voice
how our conversation can restore happiness
funny how we joke
can turn the whole day around
for all the thoughtfull words we share
helped along by our laugh
the more i got to know you
the more i liked you
how you let me
how much i mean to you
i allow myself to go to the place
it wasn’t mean to be
so i thought im yours
i can honestly swear that i love you
for what we’ve already shared
and i love you
now for the anticipation
of all that’s to come
can i help it
if i dont want this to end just yet
that years down the road
we can have what most people
can only dream about
i miss you already
but im sure in my heart
that you’ll be with me forever
im going to look at the year ahead
as a chance to know you even better
than i do
my thought of you that keep me going
i love you.


Funny how love can hurt
before it even comes
when you meet someone
and take a chance to ask
if they’d like to say hello
and they warmly agree
it gives you hope
your heart still lives
you chit and chat
set a date
trying not to let hope
rise too far
your mind tell your heart
not to race ahead
unfortunately the heart
just doesn’t learn
it always cling to the dream
it could be the one
that will hold it fast and warm
just as the heart
begins to convince the mind
they have a chance
a call come that spoil the dance
and love hurts
before it even comes
crushed once again
the heart reapet
will i ever learn
in kindness the mind replies
dont give up hope
though love can hurt
im sure oneday
it wont just be a dream.

Hometown Memories

Standing again to the land of my hometown
for a moment i felt
i’d travelled back in time
though i began to notice
for the better of the surrounding
i close my eyes as if to magical blink
it back to what it had once been
remembering the past of my growing up years
i’d once spent there
always aroused a mixture of emotions
there are no reason to make them
any more dramatic than they always were
my hometown memories
it belong to me
i’d come to view them as a sort of musium exhibit
i wish i could tell you
that it was better than i imagine it would be
but in all honesty
i cant
it’s always been the truth
that keep coming back on my mind
the unforgetable memories
the unpleasant of it
how i wished for the love and understanding
like a thousand knives stabbing me
though it’s no longer bleeding
but the pain is always there
i had no desire to change what on others mind
from the experience that always be my inspiration
i never could imagine that
after all those year’s
those who usually walk away
and never find my interest charming
suddenly infront of me
un invited yet smiling giving praise
to what i become
but why is it that i have a strange feeling
that people start to look at me in a way
i could never imagine
its the other way around back then
should i listen to the pain and not to show courtesy and consideration
should i follow the attitude i never wanted to be
as a stable person in keeping with kind
that i was
i begun to smile back
infrequently at first then a litle more often
time quickly slip away
two weeks and i wished i could stay longer
but i have to start packing
so i have to say good bye again
to the people
and to the land where i was born
for my journey is not yet over
then again when the plane was in the air
i felt a lightness in my heart
so amazed with the happiness
i had never felt before
now im leaving with a smile on my face bringing with me along the second chapter of my past
that i will treasure it with care.

To The Ones That Always There

I love the things that are made of
for real life
i’ve known many lovely faces
infront of me
but how could i say no
to the ones that always there
though i’ve yet to say hello in person
how could i say it’s hopeless dream
to a smile that dont let go
i can’t play safe all the time
but i try not to be a fool
and throw good things right out
of the window
through distance is where we meet
the fact that i don’t really know you
but from a distance i can’t let go
how could i don’t appreciate
the ones that always there
running in front of me
reaching out to share
giving such comfort and strength
how could i say you’re not for real
when i feel your touch and embrace so warm
the kindness and prayers
for every words you send to me
that put a smile on my face
though we’re apart
in between you and i
when i don’t feel you close to me
the imagination that you bring each day
is something i really need
so how could i not miss
the ones that always there
how important it could be
reinforced by hopes that anything is possible
as we’ve often proved
how much i am loved
the endless feeling that i have from the bottom of my heart
thank you for opening the door
i wish to stay in your heart
and to return it
and to be remembered for the simple things we shared
my hands will know what tomorrow’s bring but i hope for the best
and hold on to the dreams
each time i saw you smiling back at me
is the simplest things
that remind me of what life truly means.

Mirror Of Our Selves

Within our little worlds
were all have problems
heartache to heartache
sometimes its hard to find
for a time to be kind
we often regret to the words we give out
we listen to the voice
the feeling that make us insane
we never learned and we keep on doing
what we think is right
even when it dont make sense
it’s hardly matters
for were satisfied and it make us happy
the color of who we trully are
we feel a strange sense about other people
seem like in each life
we often run into qualities
with all the wrong in the world
we choose we like and respect
we are nothing but a fool
that quick to judge other people
convinced our selves
yelling,shouting and screaming
to get the atention for greatest thing we do
we think in our little world
ourselves are better than the rest
refused to look at own mirror
the gut and the doubt that way us down
we shame our selves for ever
but were all really just
trying to do our best.

I Remember

I remember nights
when it wouldn’t matter
if the rain would fall
i remember days
if the shine would shine
from behind the clouds
i remember times
when laughter is all we heard
there was nothing including our selves
i remember every moment that we shared
we listen giving praise
and understanding mends the hurt within
sometimes just a thought
i remember things we used to do
so much fun,so little fear
one adventure to another
always on the go
i remember all this
after all we’ve been through
each time i simply open my eyes
i see you still looking back at me.

Jordan and Melody

So many things for me to write about
so many phrases to coin
the sweetness and peace of your names
how i almost turn away
from the things i see
sometimes i feel so alone
as though everything is against me
i feel as though so far to go
to find any kind of happiness
sometimes i dont even know
inside my soul
i end up at the last place
i’d never think to go
only to find there a forever friend
Jordan and Melody
when i look into your eyes
i couldn’t win
your eyes that softly said
i shouldn’t worry
that one day soon
you will be there when i fall
it will be your hands to protect me
it’s you my child
that tell’s my mind and heart
to always cling to a dream
the mother,child and best friends relationship we have
that say’s “don’t give up hope”
though things can hurt and impossible
before it even comes
surely one day it won’t just be a dream.

I And You

Trying to sip
every sweet drop of your love
before it fades away
so amazed how quickly life slip away
just because it’s day doesn’t see
a smile
a look
even a glance
doesn’t mean two friend’s
has no longer have a chance
do i have to see my friend’s everyday
do we have to speak everyday
for us to be still be so
I and you
for as we’ve often proved
a friend never has to be near
a friend always need to be.


What does it mean
to bring words of comfort
to someone in need
when a friend is hurting
what does it mean
to be the one they can turn to
to ease the pain
when you look at a reflection
and see only youself
what does it mean to have a good laugh
when all you really feel like
is letting tears flow
isn’t it so easy
to listen to and help
anothers pain and sorrow
lay out assurance
the sun will bring a better tomorrow
what does it mean
to give such words of advice
that the light of today
will wipe away yesterday’s darkness
when we can never seem to look
in our own eyes
never seem to listen
the words we give out
so much more content to live with our doubt
why is it we can bring
words of comfort
to someone in need
yet find it hard
to comfort ourselves.

Net Friends

Never before could imagine
how easy it could be
to fall for a smile
you’ve yet to see
never before could imagine
hearing voice
that made heart so glad
it had a choice
how could it be
to like someone so much
you’ve yet to meet
yet to touch
to look forward to sleep
and hope to dream
of an inspiration
so fresh and new
to hear a yes from a no
and have hope revived
that smile you saw
could perhaps be for you
and go thru the day
searching for a words to say
thank you for letting me in your life
i hope to earn a place in your heart
that would allow me to stay
to find when each new day begin to start
it’s your eyes that are looking back at me.