Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 3

Complicated And Sad Life

Life is full of thunder and lightning
And the truth of human beings
We all have feelings
From affection to love
From lust to mercy
From undesirable thoughts to anxiety
From anger to worry
And problems to miseries
That leading us to failure
As we struggle
for each and every comfort
We often feel void and disappointments
And then to blame others
When things go awry
Even family members
Respect and love only
Those who are rich
Ah!of the many stories of
Complicated and sad sad life…


What is it about pleasures
That play and poking around
One’s brain
Who don’t choose the thing
They know it’s good for them
But merely making decisions and choices
That make them believed
It produces pleasures
Rejecting their life
Rather than embracing it
What is it about pleasures
That make one’s hypocrites and arrogance
To move towards it
Rather than moving away from it
The fenetic rhapsody of cocaine rush
The ecstasy of a heroin high
The revelry of an alcohol buzz
The bliss of unrestrained sexual excess
The exhelaration of winning
streak in gambling
Pleasures that many in our society
Must to terms with
That find it difficult to give up
Even if it’s harmful to them
And to the people who cares
What is it about pleasures
That seemed a powerful tool
To deny one’s self and close
To the joy of simply living…


As products of an imperfect world
All of us are imperfect
Everyone of us has done some wrong
There are things we regret
Things we have done
or things we didn’t do
Acknowledging our wrong doings
With a genuine sense of remorse
Can serve to keep us
On the track of life
And encourage us to rectify our mistakes
When possible and take action
To correct things in the future
But if we allow our regret
To degenerate into excessive guilt
Holding on the memory of our past
Trangressions with continued
Blame and self hatred
This serve no purpose
Other than to be relentless source
Of self-punishment
And self-induced suffering.

It Need Two Hands To Clap

Look at us
Funny how you and I
Refusing to stop for a second
Dragging ourselves
From an unsure path
Not knowing where we heading
Look at us
Funny how you and I
Trying to kicked up invisible
Swirls of dust and dirt
Not fleeing to give up
Look at us
Funny how you and I
With the echoes
Of every steps obviously fools
Look at us
Funny how you and I
While there’s nothing to lose
Nor everything to gain
Yet hurrying of don’t know what
Ah look at us
Funny how you and I
The ego of rivalry
Defending where we stand
But then again
It need two hands to clap…

Ambitious Heart

Though too young
I used to sit alone
Wondering.complaining with why’s
Wishing the wind will blow me out
To a place I long to be
Blinded by the spirit
Of ambitious heart
I find no reason to laugh.
No reason to talk
Or like anyone
I used to sit alone
Wondering.complaining with why’s
Like a song constantly
Rings in my head
Endless singing.dreams singing
Destiny speaking to leave this place
And find where the sun is set
I’d even dreamt I would never
To return again
But my curious and ambitious heart
Camping out under the starry sky
Was actually a damp
and eerie experiences
Inconvenience and loneliness
But mostly loneliness
That made me think of home
I have been here sitting alone
At my usual desk
Staring at my pen and blank paper
Though it was the main reason
Of my ambitious heart
It’s like a magic
That reminds me of home
And suddenly I felt
An enormous sense of lost
I’m going home.I said
But now that I’m home again
I sit alone still
Wondering.complaining with why’s
But this time
It’s a different songs that rings
A full of regret
That while I was busy
Chasing dreams the beautiful
Serenely of home
It’s not the same like it use to be…


This is who we are
Human beings-A snake!
As you crawl up
To the highest mountain
There will be many snakes
To try to stop you
But even if you rolled back down
From where you’ve started
Get angry and frustrated
If you must but
Use that strength to reach the top
Dare to be different and
Be willing to give yourself and others
A fair break
You’ll be judge hastily
So give others a huge supply of patience
Others are just the
Test of your endurance
If your afraid of poison
If you only to give up half way
Then don’t waste your time
To start or try
So don’t be fooled
Of what others think of you
At the end of the day
You can walk head high
And say;”Hey!I’ve done it!
And it’s you who will profit
You will never know
What is there for you
On the highest mountain
If you’re afraid of being
Poisoned or swallowed by a snakes…

Cabitnungan River

Has lost it’s life
Where the horses.the cows and
The water buffalo’s?
Where are the big rocks?
Where’s the little kids
Playing by the river side?
Catching little fishes and little crabs
Where’s the hanging bridge?
Where are the ladies washing clothes?
Where’s the boatmen and tuggers
That brave the sun.
The wind and the rain?
These anglers have come with hooks.
Sitting by the paradisiacal little shore
Fishing and reading books
Listening to the water whisper
Listen the fish tugging at the lines
Distracting lovers with two minds
Where is the smudgy swirl of the river
That used to swallow
fish and crabs alive?
The swimmers and shy picnickers
Carous in the sun
As life’s quarter spun it’s wheel
While the town has changed
The river has become sad
But with uneasy balanced
The folks are still the same
And all that they seem to be
And all that they seem to me
Are all that they seem to be
In all that they seem to do
Sigh.standing here at the middle
Of a large bridge
I feel my skin like a hide
My tongue as dry as dust
Gone are the beautiful nature
As the sad water flows on
To the Atlantic?Pacific Ocean?
Straight of Cagayan valley? just flows on.discharging
The wastes.the sorrows and sadness
Of human abjectness…

Walk Where We Please

So many times we fail to see
Why we’re able to live free
We take for granted it’s the way
It supposed to be
But ho there’s a million of reasons why
Never thinking about the price
Of our feet walking on the grass and dirt
Who long ago passes this way
Just so in this very day
We can walk where we please
As free and act as though
Everything is owed us
The world revolved around our needs
Only one thing matter
Just what we feel we deserve today
But burried in the ground
We think we own as the stories told
Of why we’re able to make our claim
Just so this very day
We can walk where we please…

I Want…

I want to constantly
Encountering new opportunities
To unleash what’s absolute within me
I want to
Make better decisions
Each day of my life
Avoiding the things
That trigger stress
And to do a good job
On everything I do
I want to be able to look back
And see a life will lived
To be always aware that
I won’t be able to satisfy
Everyone along the way
But I want to be myself
To be true and stick
To what I believe in
I want to be content and
At peace of myself.

Before We Even Blink

Amazing what time gets done
With it being so fleet
Is there anything you and I
Can say or do
To avoid looking back
We look at time
As though doesn’t exist
And right before our eyes
Before we can even blink
It’s left us standing here
Wondering where it went
How could have it spent
On such foolishness you and I
It didn’t even say goodbye
Look at all the things it’s done
Healed the hurt and brought love back
It change the way we look
Brought us people different homes
So many things that have come and gone
How did it so much going by so fast
Turning our moments into our past
Just amazing what time gets done
With it being so fleet
We’ve barely move out feet
Yet live a life
With so many years behind us now
That let us wondering how
Our today’s become yesterday
Before we even blink.