Clairvoyantdestiny - Page 2

You And Me This And That

Looky her
It’s the same ole give and take
You and me.this and that
Same ole ball of wax
Hiding under a different hat
Ah.looky here
Another year same ole game
We always play
Time comes and goes
All the words we say we know
When we dance there’s no leads
Memory knows every step
It always seem to serve us well
We fidget here and there
Seeking ways not to cares
But when trouble brews
We’re the first one standing there
Passion ebbs and flows
People come and go
We move on knowing that
We always know ain’t that
What family’s are for
Here we go again it’s the ole
Give and take some ole ball of wax
Hidding under a different hat
We both know the reasons why
We’re so quick to deny
Though their running out
And new ones a harder to come by
With you and me this and that
It’s the same ole give and take.

Its The Same Old You And Me

There’s not a whole lot happening here
That we haven’t seen before
It’s the same words we always hear
Trying to open the same old doors
You’d think there’s be something different
Something would have had to change
But it same old you and me
That we both know just will never be
Round and round till we come back again
Maybe this time hoping to see a change
When you ask me how I felt
I just gonna say
But the words stumble around
And could never quiet find their way
You smiled and pretended to
But our eyes they really knew
Just will never be
Someone looking on
Might think we really care
We’ve even fooled ourselves
A couple of time but
When the light of the day
Comes shining through
It’s always so bright and clear
It’s the same old you and me
Just the same old you and me

Super Women

When I was a baby to a child
You never fail to cook
Before leaving to work
You brought me up like gold
You took good care of me
When I was a teenager
I thought your scolding is bad for me
I become unappreciative
Pride myself I don’t need you any more
And I demanded my freedom
Forcing you to believe
That I can manage without
Your guidance all the way
Today after many years later
Thinking of how much troubles
I must have been caused you
I want to apologise to you
For my wrongdoings.nonsense.
saying and thoughts
The tantrums and hard times
I throw your way
The many times
I made you worried sick and cry
You tolerated them all
Even what I’m saying now is meaningless
Compare with your sincerity
of raising me
You’re a superwomen and
You show’d to me
That there’s a light
At the end of the tunnel
Even at the darkness moments
And…that remain eternally
I love you Mum and I hope you know!

Thank You…I Am grateful

I thank you my friend
That you’re the one I call upon
for and an honest ear
When the sun seem never shine on me
I thank you my friend
From going beyond to some extend
Not just “BE” the same friend
But better one
Who always willing
To take time out
From your own life for me
I thank you my friend
For the love and understanding
Your kindness ans sincerity
Yes my friend
You’re a wonderful human being
Original and unique
Who always make my heart and mind happy
You filled everything
That I ever need
A friend for many ever so perfectly
Thank you…thank you my friend
I am grateful!

No One Lives Free From Suffering And Misfortune

Unhappiness comes to each us
That make us feeling
Like having a very bad night
That seem eternal and it seem never end
Unhappiness comes to each of us
That make us feeling of something
Missing in our lives with hurt and anger
That destroy our own peace of mind
Unhappiness comes to each of us
That make us become narrow thinking
We become overly sensitive
Over reacting to minor things
Projecting onto others and blaming them
Accusing others of having faults
That are in fact…our own
Unhappiness comes to each of us
Because we think ourselves
At the centre of the world
Because we have the miserable conviction
That we alone suffer
of unbearable intensity
Unhappiness is always
To feel oneself imprisoned
In one’s own skin…In one’s own brain.


The clock has chimed
And the tree outside started
Shedding its leaves
Like some decidous tree
Its leaves has never
Dropped so much before
It become uglier and
Certainly quieter
Because no birds ever chipped
It has always been
An ever green tree…
The tree has too much memories
And the saddest part
Was watching the tree
Being chopped down for fire wood…

The Cross

I could just see
That cross so clearly
I was flat on my face before it
So weighed down with my wrongs
My self…
That I couldn’t rise an inch
All I could do was lie there
Admitting and confessing everything
I had nothing to offer him
No intensive at all for him
To forgive me
All I had was I was
But he accepted me
I was what he always wanted
In the first place and he receive me
He lifted the loads in my heart
And I could feel it go
I could just sense it all
Drawn away from me
And rushing up to that cross
I felt so light by
The slightest breeze
I am free.I am ransomed.
I’ve never felt this way before
Like a slave set free
Who was born a slave and never knew
What freedom was like.
I want to know this Jesus
Who has ransomed me
We’ve only just met…

Self Aware

We all have a sense of self
A self-definition.self-worth
From here to develop skills
Then we have self-respect
The more positive our image
The more self-authored
Our lives will be
The more we script our own stories
It shows our self-esteem
And your self-identity is positive
This means we are sure of ourselves
No matter what
Intention is the key
Being present works “all there”
When we get out of our negative selves
A marvellous journey of discovery
Can begin.If we want
We can see.hear and feel…
And understand the power
By accepting ourselves unconditionally.

Cruel Cruel World

Rough times now and then
Too many twists and turns
When far beyond the expectation’s a cruel cruel world indeed
Make you think and resent of hurts
While depression go forward
At full speed only to let you know
That nothing could ruin your strength
Nine times as many lives
To live as others
Nine times as many chances
of winning the battle
Of this cruel cruel world
That promotes you the skies
Helping you through rough times
And make you walk the extra miles
Wrapped in brave to go on
In this cruel cruel world

O God Day By Day!

O Gad day by day
Groans and tears
Are prayers that you hear
I am alone and in deep distress
My problems go from bad to worse
With all the pains and troubles
Flying back and fort
O Gad day by day
Groans and tears
Are prayers that you hear
Help me to be patient and hopeful
Even when I have been
unfairly treated by others
Please forgive my unrighteous deeds
and unloving words
Cleans my hands and lips
Grant me the wisdom to discern
The times and courage
To do the right thing
O God day by day
Groans and tears
Are prayer that you hear
Help me to glory in my weakness
That your power and strength
May displayed through me
Guide my feet away
From the perilous and slippery paths
Gives me courage in all
My daily transactions…