Broken Heart

I let you have it.
I let you keep it.
Let you hold it and keep it safe.
Handed it back broken, bruised,and tore.
You didn’t keep it safe
Didn’t even love it.
Tore my heart in two.
You left it in the rain, thunder, and lighting.
Causing more destruction the Katrina could ever do.
Don’t bother to fix.
Just keep it tore.
Thinking it will mend itself.
My heart is ruined because of you.
Now fixing my heart
Like gluing broken glass back together.
Try to fit pieces with different colors.
Broken, Tore, Un-Loved, and Dead
Waiting, waiting ,and waiting
for someone else
to hand it back just like you.
Waiting and Un-Loved.
My heart is broken
and might never
love again.