Everytime I Think

whenever i think
whatever i think
wherever i think
always i think

24 hours and 7 days
all 60 minutes and
all 60 seconds
alltimes i think.

when i am ill
when i am healthy
when i am glad
when i am weep

when i am in silence
when i am in anger
when i am in danzer
in all desires i think..

when i am busy
when i am free
when i dont want think
i think of you forever.

Submitted by chandan kumar barman.


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A stone is only stays,
on the way or bank,
nothing to say anything,
who cares thinks always,
passing day and night of life.

One day poor man looked it,
comes to the stone and taken it,
he designed that stone,
now that is a expensive stone,
he sold it and got money with honour.

Submitted by chandan kumar barman.