Bianca L Nelson - Page 2


do you feel this?
its like the wind gone suddenly
near why must it disappear?
feels just like a kiss.

do you feel this?
its getting near. stopped so
close cant touch just see it
glows feels just like a kiss.

did you feel it?
now its gone once again alone
our love has surely grown.
a kiss feels like a benefit.


what have i done to deserve this?
once again my heart is broken
just when i thought you was different
fool of me, i should have sensed it.

i have been lied to, and cheated on
my heart has been rippped, torn and stepped on i have shed so many tears its a damn shame i see permanent stains upon my face.

why is it so hard to find a guy
that is not greedy and only
think of their needs? you
wouldnt believe we both have a heart and bleed. so many sweet kisses and false promises i ask myself everyday how did it come to this?

maybe its the kind of guys
im attracted to maybe im
allowing them to have my heart
to soon maybe it could just be
bad luck it dont really matter
because my heart is fed up.

Do you love me or not?

Do you really love me?
you told me you love me
and that you care;
you told me you want me
and you will always be there.

but now you are not with me
and i am left with this pain
too strong to bear
what made us grow apart?
is all this really fair?

so tell me the truth this time
cuz it means a lot
do you really love me
or do you not?


Tomorrow smile at someone
that you’ve never seen before
take time to think of others that
you feel compassion for.

Tomorrow tell somebody
how they brighten up your day
let random acts of kindness
put your feeling on display.

Tomorrow hug your children
somewhat tighter than before
be sure to think of all the
things you can be thankful

pat you dog a little longer
hug and kiss your husband/wife
thank your god for granting
you another day of life.


Im not who i was
i dont know who i am
part of me is lost
the other part doesnt give a damn.

things arent the same
and they never will
the parts that are gone
i now must try to fill.

through the years things
were dropped over here
and over there i dont even
recognize myself when in
the mirror i stare.

who is this person?
this woman ive become
why is outlook
looking so glum?

what do i have to do
to become myself again?

do i have to drop more pieces
before finding myself begins?

im tired of feeling lost
its taken quite a toll
the pieces i will pick up
placed together i will become

Please Leave Me

remember last night?
you left me in the dark
i didnt know why.
you were gone just in a spark.

what have i done?
why you left me alone?
i called you many times
but you didnt answer your phone.

a while ago, i found someone
whom i fell in love with
i put him in my heart
that no one could steal or touch.

now you are here
asking for apology
but i want you to leave me
cuz im happy and free.

Hole in my heart

There this hole in my heart
that’s been here for so long
im never going to feel complete
im not that strong.

The pain is only causing
despression i feel like i dont
deserve to be alive, i should
be in heaven.

The shiny piece of metal that i use to be artist with my skin is my only way to happiness it takes away the pain even though its a sin.

i’ve been sitting here for so long drowing in my tears i can hardly breath its so empty here.

because of you leaving me to die you broke my heart.

its shattered inside no medicine cannot fix this crime the crime you had committed you’re the one who did it.
i cant believe it.

you were different then the others but now their different from you. your just another player who has broken my heart in two.


I’ve been loving you for so long
I’ve been dreamimg of you all night long i keep telling myself some other time maybe you will be mine.

i keep asking myself why just because of this damn love i cry and now i have to let you fly even if it means i’m going to die.

i love you that’s true
i want to be with you yes i do
i want to feel being loved by you but thats just a dream that wont come true.

now my love its time to say goodbye i promise you will never see me cry but before i let you go i just want to say i love you so much.

Place The Blame

I’m hurt and broken
distracted and torn
I’m longing for you
love to be re-born.

you look at me strange
know what I’ve started
and i realise
this means we’ve parted.

yes, its all my fault
no one else to blame
i understand that,
i deserve the pain.

and you deserve more
nothing left to do
get you a new girl
hope that it pulls through.

Breaking Up

you told me you loved me i thought it was true,
but now im sitting here crying all because of you.
you said i was the perfect girl so i gave you my heart
and all you do to it was tear it apart
all this time for nothing how could this be.
we were meant for each other but i guess that you could not see.