Bianca L Nelson

Affirmation for Woman

1.I am beautiful inside and out.

2. I will love myself first.

3. I will learn something new about myself every day.

4. I will say no to any and all types of abuse.

5. I will plan for my future.

6. I will love those who love me.

7. I will say no whenever i want without feeling guilty.

8. I will have a personal bank acount in my name only.

9. I will earn respect.

10. I will explore my sexuality.

11. I will dissociate myself from people who dont respect me.

12. I am sexy inside and out.

13. I will laugh from my heart everyday.

Im Over It

I’m over the games you played on me seriously
i cant take it no more get your shit
and get out of the dayum door
dont come over saying baby i love you
cause you wasnt calling me baby when you was on the phone
you think your gonna play me for a fool
well baby the only fool i see is you.
you seriously think im not gonna move on??
well sorry playa i already did.

I Cant Believe

I cant believe you told me you loved me when you know it wasnt true you should of just told me you wanted someone new.

I dont know how i fell your your stupid
sweet lies i guess your love just really quickly dies.

why did you do this to me?
i love you cant you see
how i thought so much our hearts were meant to be.

Broken Heart

You broke up with me yesterday
and ripped my heart in two.
i never thought i’d hurt this much,
i couldnt stop crying over you.

i do not feel complete anymore
apart of me is missing i loved the way you used to play with my hair.
when we were on your bed kissing

you are the man of my dreams
i wish we could be together
now i know that its just
not possible but i want you to know that i’ll love you forever.

The Way I Love You

everynight i lay in my bed and think back to everything you said.

you say that you love me
you say that you cared
and that what’s not gonna
fade is the love that we

so baby i hope what you
say is true cause i dont
love no one the way i love


im so lonely all by myself
hidden in a corner not wanting
to ccome out feeling the need to shout
i hear a loud noise but no one’s there
no one’s ever there just me i get so lonely i ccry everyday no one can hear me anyway i need somebody anybody a great buddy but im so lonely by myself.

Break up

after breaking with someone
you still feel for that person
even though you know it’s wrong
you still think back to all the
phone calls that were made and
what was said life that might
of been is now over and plans
that were made are no longer
plans but memories of what they
were going to be, all the songs
you dedicated to that person
always make you cry because
they remind you of the bond
between you and that person
after breaking up you think
that no one will love you
and you think that the person
you had was for life but you
thought wrong all the emotions
you thought you had control of
just come back at once you have
no one to talk to because the person
you want to talk to said its not fair
to keep in contract due to what you
once had. you sometimes still dream
about that person because even though
you dont keep in contract they are still
mentally with you i thought it was my
fault in our break up but he never told the truth right from the very start.

Where Are You?

I’m sick of waking up,
to find that you’re not here
why do you do it just go and

where are you?
can you answer me somehow?
because im worried sick
about you and i dont need
to be right now.

do you ever think of anybody
else or is it all just about
you? do you ever stop to think?
just what the hell you’re putting
me through?

weeks without a single word
and you expect me just to fall
back into your hands well you
need to open your eyes honey
because im finding it hard to understand.

this time is different i wont
step back into place because
im sick of you pulling and
making these tears lather
my face.

it wont be all fine and dandy
like you always think it should
be because i’ve recognized something
that you’ve failed to see.

i’ve tired of being hurt
and all of the sleepless nights
we used to be really close but
now we’re falling for a fight.

because i’ve had enough of
you and all you never say
so honey dont come back and
just stay the hell away.

Truth Be Told

dont worry about hurting me
just tell me what you need to tell me
its not that hard its not that hard
its quite easy.

come on sweet heart
i know you dont love me
what you say is what i see.

there’s no need to break up with me
from the guilt of being with her
im getting up and going to leave dont get up stay and your seat.

i hope yall enjoyed the show
because truth be told i dont
love you no more.


Tears sting my eyes
but i can never let
you see me cry.

stang strong and still
thats what i’ll do
make you think i am everything
without you.

you see me pass and
flash a smile
i havent seen you in a

i wish you knew
that i would give my life
just to spend an eternity
alone with you.