baljit and bhagwant sandhu

love.,.,. !!!!!!

my whole days are getting lazy,
i dnt no why ,u made me crazy.//.

the thing which i do right gets wrong
the way u entered in my life my heart gets ding dong…..

when i tried to learn chemicals and reactions of chemisty

“i laugh when reminds u ” & everybody use to thing -“what could be the mystery…. !!!??? ”

hey girl u knw wht i mean,
this boy wants to be urs and thats what i need.

‘love in the air’that sounds me around,
felt in trouble of physics where is the space and where is the ground.

hey girl,plz prove me ryt,thats like the newtons 3rd law in which he tried…..

“FOR EVERY ACTION IN MY HEART, THERE EXIST EQUAL AND OPP REACTION IN UR HEART…. <3 " so dnt keep on telling,"how much are u smart", I knw very well baby,i am the one in ur heart, & will gonna remain in their insides urs like a still shinnig pole star......//// BY Baljit singh & bHaGwAnt sAnDhU