Atinder Singh

Effect Of Yours

When I stole from my bed I remembered,
Whose even a thought comforted me ,
fear, agony
those in me , the fire of love of friendship
Burnt it, the fragrance of you
refreshed me
The flower whose scent, not yet produced by Earth
Carried by you
Then the cool breeze came ,
cooled me the burning,
And its none
except You.

You And Me On A Road

You came dear in my life
a wish I had
My heart too wanted
wanted a friend true to me
you came dear in my life
Dark,Gloomy,Unpleasant it was
I myself feared from it dear
it was a dark road , moving on which i really feared
like a silver lining
emersing from all dark clouds
you came dear in my life
and all fear i had in me
your divine light turned it to ashes
yes, dear the day you came in my life
now I have someone
to walk besides me, on that dark road
It is none , but you dear

Ocean Of Love

Royal blue, ocean of
underground streams of sorrows of
I wandered there night and day
Equal both
Deep below,I saw a shinning
Went to ocean depth ,in search of it
Found an oyster shell of gold
Precious then Pluto’s mines
It was you ,
Worth enough
I take proud of it.