Anonymous Ttty

The unspoken words

For the past four years,
I still had this feeling on you,
I know you would never try to understand.
I know you moved to another place.
What makes me still thinking is;
Why’d you left without any reasons?
That one made me confused.
I still want to know the truth..
I still love you,
I’ve been missing you for so long.
I’ve waited you until now.
I’ve tried to move on from the moment I noticed that you left without telling me any reasons.
You just left & made me keep hanging on my love towards you.

Last farewell

Some farewells are mundane, others are momentous.
Sometimes farewell is beautiful.
Sometimes farewell is a part of sad memories.
Sneering, sour and scornful farewells.
Whether we say goodbye to lovers, family members, or old habits-temporarily or forever-thse sentences
captured those complicated emotions.
In the end of our life,
everyone will face all of the farewells situation.