Anna Jay Lake

Goodbye friend

Often times we think
We are invincible
We think we will be around forever
We think our friends
Will be around forever
Then good bye’s come along
And forever seems so yesterday
Good bye has its true magic
it reminds me of the
Brevity of beautiful things
the Savoir of each moment
then it Replicates itself
The glimmer disappears,
leaving us with nothing to bear
sometimes i wonder
what I would do without you
then I realize without you
there is no me
thanks to you I discovered who I was
who I can become,
I hate the word goodbye
but if we love something
we should set it free
not keep it hostage
I hope this is nt the end,
but if it is I want you to know
my dear friend…and sister
you made a mark on my map
and I hope I made one on yours.