Andrew Paul Davies

Your so Gorgeous

when i first met you, i Knew then that
you`re the one for me,
I hear your voice over the phone,your voice so soft and sweet, that fills my heart with joy.

your smile is warm like a hot summers day,to look into your eyes that`s brighter than the brightest star.
Your hair so blond like the gleaming
sun that shines like gold,

To hold you in my arms and feel your loving embrace,
to feel your sweet lips that sweeter than wine,
Your so beautiful, more beautiful than anything in this world.
There is not a diamond in the world that can compare to you my love, as your more buitifull than any diamond in the world.

You fill my heart with joy,
you fill my heart with love, as i feel your love inside,
You have my heart that’s full of love, filed with joy and happiness as you`re the one i love.

I think of you in the day, but more at night, as we hold each other tight,
our hearts are joined together as we are one, one heart one soul that will stay together forever my love.

But you`re my dream come true,
and know that i found you, i will hold you close to my heart forever.
as i love you. xxx

You Have My Heart

Love can make you happy,
Love can make you smile,
Love can be cruel as love can make you cry.

I gave you my heart and i gave you my love, I even told you i would give you my life.
Thrue the good times, and thrue the bad times i was always there.

I hugged you when you were feeling sad
and wiped away your tears,
I even held you in my arms until the tears disappeared.

Then we parted ways, and you moved away, babes why did you move away.
You were my life,my soul mate and best friend.

And know that your gone i am lost like a star far far away trying to find my way back to you.
I know i was a fool for letting you go,But i will always love you for ever more.

At night i cry for you and with every tear that runs down, each tear shows my love for you.
You still have my heart and you still have my love, And although we are far apart you will always have my heart.

Sometimes i miss you so bad, so bad i sometimes dont want to live.
But thinking of you not only gives me hope,but gives me a reason to live.

You made me happy and made me feel loved, you even comforted me when i was feeling down.

But know that i lost you im all alone.
Come back to me babes as only you can make the pain go away.

My Love For You

When i look into your eyes, there bright like the stars at night.
And when i touch your lips there sweeter than wine.
I hold your hand close to my heart, so that you can feel the love inside.
We hold each other close, as close as we can be, So that our love will beet together forever.
Your skin is soft like a rose, but you are more beautiful than any rose can be.
I gave you my heart, And i gave you my love as we are meant to be.
Like to doves, with a bond that lasts forever, like our love will last
my love for you will never fade away,and no matter where you are, you will always have my love, as i love you.