Amanda Passerella

It Will Never Happen To Me

I remember saying those exact words
back when i didnt know the dragon watching
men drop to their knees just for those
bags they would give up their car keys.

soon after that getting loading seamed to
stay in my mind reaching for the dragon
the best high a man could ever find.

the feeling is so goos you never want
it to come down but before you know
it is pulling you to the ground.

Then when it has you where you’ve lost
it all, you find yourself sitting behind
those gray walls.

for those first few days your going
through hell, kicking all day in a hot
sticky cell.

you swear to yourself that you’ll never
do it again, but when your back on the
streets your slamming with a friend

Chifling they call it doing it once in
a while, they soon everyday you need
that brown pile.

you turn on your friends, family, wife/
husband getting sick of hearing that your ruining
your life. im gonna slow down thats
what i would say but believe me
its hard when your doing 5 bags a day.

in the early morning your
lying in bed and already thinking
“what and i gonna do to get my habit fed”

your up and about ready to score you
call the communications before your out
the door.

its a feeling of parinoia when your
arms are full of marks looking over
shoulders watchin for the marks

i want you people to know that
this story here you see, its a damn
shame to say, but yes its all about me

an apartment, a car my ol’lday and
girls was a much sweeter home than
any diamonds, ruby’s or pearls

i had a great life and there was
nothing to take it away and now i
know where i went wrong, it was
slamming once a day

im at the lowest point in my life right
now as i sit here writing this poem.
you see i done lost the trust and
respect i once had from my families
own home. i am very ashamed to say
that i never thought that i’d stoop
so low and steal from my familys

my reason for writing this is cause
its hard to keep inside the many
times i’ve hurt my faliy and told them
so many lies. that dragon is a mean
monkey that my friends and i all
know but believe me, the day will come
when he brings you to the snow..

the two of them together are a
pair that i knew long cause once
they get you in their hands your
life is sure to go wrong.

its time for me to get back on my
feet and on the right track the thing
i really need the most it my
families love and respect back

All Because Of Him

The rain is slowly falling as it hides
every warm tear,
Because the guy she has longed for is
no longer here..

The salty tear kept falling, as her vision slowly blurs,
shes losing all her consciousness, slurring all her words.

Shes slipping into the darkness, of her temperamental thoughts,
She wont stay sober much longer, this is what he caused,

The darkness of reality, is finally sinking in, shes finally lost everything and its all because of him..

Trusted You

You knew what you were doing
right from the beginning..
you saw me as an object you ought to be winning..
i fell for you fast.. thought i was in love.. thought it would last..
we talked for hours on the phone..
pouring out secrets no one would’ve known..
you had earned my trust that anyone could tell..
and now for you my heart fell..
i knew everything about you.. i could even read your tone..
despite all this, i ended up alone.
i refused to believe that we were just physical…
i though our love had been a miracle.. i had trusted you.. and though you were the best..
for you my heart fluttered but you didn’t love me nonetheless…
true, i was just another girl to be added to your egos collection..
but i thought you really loved me..
you had givin me affection..
truly you had stolen my hear without permission.. like a child’s insatiable desire for sweats.. you had been to my heart as it beats..