Abid saleem

Just Like An Angel

It was pleasant day in early May.
Cold breeze was blowing and time seemed to be slowing.
As i wondered Why, My eyes wandered on to this Princess.
She looked ravishing.
The breeze seemed to be kissing her cheeks, disturbing her hair
Oh! she looked so fair i swear.
Her eyes seemed like the morning sun,
Shining so bright and spreading her light.
She had the lips of an angel
I would have kissed her if she wasn’t a stranger.
Her smile had a hypnotic effect.
She was so pretty, the mirrors begged to reflect.
As she walked past me, my head turned, jaw dropped
and my eyes popped.
I felt like i was hit by a Thunder bolt.
As she left i stood there wondering
Will i see her again? Who is she?
Just another stranger or a real angel?

© Copyright 2013