Abhiman Mishra - Page 2

Help Against Nature

I met the cocoon, moving through the forest;
Next to then the gale subsist still and everything was at rest.
It was struggling to come out;
But there was no solitary listening to its unspeakable shout,
And I lend a hand to take it out.
I incise one part of the cocoon;
The tiny exposed so on.
Three suns and moons I observed it;
But neither could it fly nor could it sit.
I couldn’t craft the reasons for it;
That why it couldn’t fly and why it couldn’t sit.
I presume the help out was against nature;
This abated its forces in its wings and get it boast a dark future.

Rough And Life

Life a bundle of rough papers,
Tied in one tag which has a crystal-clear start
And a crystal-clear over.
Each human, a single rough paper,
Who is dragged from the bundle as destiny’s user.
Rough paper is used by mankind for several purposes,
On the contrary the destiny uses the man what I suppose.
When the purpose of the rough paper is done,
Then only it’s thrown.
Alike when the need of a man for any purpose is over,
Life, from that point is precarious and no one can cover,
But the only one divinity or destiny is the mercipetioner.

Power Of Mercy

Human being festooned with many characters,
Out of many, mercy is one,
It can’t be outshined.
Mercy is the savior from the claws of death,
It can change one’s weird fate.
When mercifulness is sorted from enormity,
It’s like the nature free from beauty;
The ocean free from water;
The sky free from moon.
Power of mercy makes one great,
Instills in the man the quality of sagacity.
Mercy oils the machinery of life,
It reveals the behavioral physiology of a man,
Mercy is the knight in shining armor,
Mercy is a bell in a temple,
Mercy is divine which glows like sunshine,
Life becomes gloomy if mercifulness is barred from enormity.

Hopeless Verse

To live is to die,
To live more is to die more,
Take me up before I live more,
I don’t want to fight with the shore.
Days are hard and tireless,
I am fade of with my night sleepless.
Oh god! Get me some, get me some, and get me some,
To whom I will show my cry,
When there is none.
Something I felt,
Something in me held,
Gasping grabbed me,
I felt like drowning,
I realized I am deceased,
My body fell flat on the sand,
They all took me with eight hands.

Imperative Love

The roof so strong,
Prop up by the pillar’s bond.
If love is roof,
Then pillars are “trusts”, “belief”, “understanding”, “caring” proof.
If pillars are frail and weak,
The roof cracks and falls sick.
The need of pillar is imperative to roof,
It has to be unbreakable to craft love, a factual proof.
The walls are “cooperation” and doors are “protection”.
Devoid of which love becomes isolation.
Floor is the “tolerance” and shelves are the “private”,
If this is indoctrinated then love is great.
All the features are obligatory to be fulfilled,
Hence the love becomes eternal, beautiful, sagacious and shield.
All the love that history knows,
Is found to be in every rose,
Yet all that could be found to be in two,
Is less than what I feel for you.
Once your love before death,
Once your hug before death,
Once your kiss before death,
Once your smile before death,
Once your scold before death,
Once your touch before death,
Can bring me back, god’s sake.

Love And Affection

“Love” and “affection”,
Are god’s creation.
Man is the intermediate to spread “love” and “affection”,
So that the bad can undergo prosecution.
Things look gorgeous and perfection,
If your eyes glance them through screen of “love” and “affection”.
“Love” and “affection” is not an outfit business,
It’s a matter of inward closeness.
Love and affectionate the pauper,
Bless of pauper will make you thrive sure.
Love and affectionate your foes,
In return it abates your woes.
Love and affectionate your elders,
You will be shadowed under God’s shoulder.
Sow the seed of “love” and “affection”,
In the garden of each and every relation.
“Relation” is humanity,
No Christian, no Muslim, no Zeus, so no priority.
The world will indubitably amend into “love” and “affection”,
If and only if a true selflessness is the implication.
Life starts with “love” and “affection”,
Ends with “love’ and ‘affection’,
Which can revolutionize every situation.
So it’s my suggestion that “love” and “affection” must be instilled to every civilization,
To put up the journey of life, perfection.

Taj Mahal

An undying symbol of love;
Built by the hand of past;
One’s quest of beauty buries at its roots;
It sprightly scatters its love to all;
Love for someone made it “possible”, “immortal”, “eternal”,
“7th wonders of the world”;
It teaches who you are in love with, love till the end;
It teaches devotion and credence in love;
It teaches love to be “eternal”, love never dies, love knows no end;
In totality it is an epitome of beauty and an undying symbol of love.