Abhiman Mishra

My Valentine

Despite that I annoyed you my sweetheart,
On no account thumbs down, in no way break heart,
I love you with will always be,
Naught can sever up the word we,
Attachment amid us is more than “muscle n bone”,
I would fight with the world to make you my own,
You propped up me and my life,
You are so benevolent my wife,
Were I the godly patron I would bestow you my well being,
Were I the richest person I would offer you my well-off living,
I wish to take your name at my very last suck in air,
Till the bereavement I would love you with oodles of care…………

Oh Teacher

You are my candle,
My way is lit.
You are my mother,
I am bound to be fit.
You are my love,
A true outgoing selfless one.
You are my patience,
To complete a task begun.
You are my way,
To tread cautiously on life’s way.
You are my strength,
No storms will make me sway.
You are my teacher,
Help me solve life’s mystery.

The Tear Jerking Soul

Out of the blue I found myself in smoke,
Swiftly I found someone to spoke.
The lady ran away awkward,
Before I could have a word.
I ran, moreover struck myself to a gigantic tree,
The tree was having a hole; there were no leaves, it’s free.
I went into the tree’s hole,
At hand I met the lady’s soul.
Apiece drop of her tear,
Talks about the fear.
I natter to her on why she ran,
She replied, “I am afraid of the scam”.
Once more she whispered “god did the scam”, “I didn’t wish to die”,
She was exceedingly juvenile who started just to fly.
I promised to bring her back and console her heart.
She didn’t accept it as true, since she knows it was shear impossible on my part.
I turned her back, we apart,
She cried in heartrending tone as we spaced out, and I depart…….
Oh no she pounced upon me,
The hairy touch I could feel on me.
My ear rip open, my eyes became widen,
I could feel the hairs again.
I came into consciousness at the moment sudden.
It was my blanket thread spread allover,
I thanked god that it was a nightmare,
I was out of harm’s way from grasp of the soul.

Why God Made So

Why the heart of glass,
That ruptured once, can’t be made flash.
Why the body of mud,
That washed once, can’t be fabricated as it was.
The query in me spouts and spouts,
“Who asked that, who here is unanswered”,
I heed commencing from the lout.
I was moved “what that voice in gale”,
I was unaccompanied, its tangle.
A dazzling glow looms near,
My mind was jam-packed with fear.
“I am the god”,”I am the whole”, replies the light,
I couldn’t craft what was the plight.
The light explicates “each day many of my children dies on earth,
And you cry for your mom who gave you birth;
The life has come, so it has to go,
Don’t worry dear its life cycle, you will also follow”.


Life is white,
We don’t know what is right,
Think about life before we write.
Life is like a hole,
Quest for the goal.
Life is like a roaming boat,
Incisive for fixed spot.
Life is like a pain,
In life there is no gain.
Life is full of mystery,
It is just like history.

God Made Two

God created two “good” and “bad”,
In the present circumstance “good” has no food,
And “bad” gets more than he could.
“Good” always gets into trouble,
While “bad” is saved by the “honorable”.
Gone are the days whilst “good” was honored,
Gone are the days whilst “bad” was bothered.
Subsist situation, “bad” are bad and “good” are tending to be bad,
It’s an absolute fact that domes day will come,
When the two will be mad.
It’s not late to cure,
“Bads” atmosphere.
Get up! Get up! Get up!
Instills goodness deep into the roots of bad,
So that every one will live in gay and glad.

Freedom In Life Leads To Hell

Grandmother is the head,
Because grandfather is at bed,
This permits us to be naughty and brave.
Fathers and mothers love,
Makes us such that we forget the clock,
For which we roam in a flock and behave like duck.
At last we see the clock,
And realize why we behaved such.
Freedom makes our lives,
But more over helps to be thieves.
Freedom comes along with a sign of ringing bell,
And takes us to the hell.

Two Foot Place

All and sundry has two foot place,
On which each stands in the midst of immense solace.
The place under the foot is safe and sound,
In newer days, it neither slides nor any breaks found.
Man stands on his foot graciously,
Which formulate him stir onward in life jovially.
At a snail’s pace the wheel of life runs,
Puts in a position so insecure turn.
The time becomes mature and body becomes cold,
The rest beneath the foot slides and moreover can’t hold.

If Darkness Could – It Would Speak

Day after day the spark of trust cultivates in me,
I en route for the sea.
With the expectation that I would get more,
But nothing could be gained near the shore.
The voluptuous hefty waves as a cat seize upon me and my yacht,
Pushes me to a timid mark.
The only witness is the murky night,
If the darkness could, it would speak and fight.
My life is death-defying and unsafe,
My life is rundown and concave.
Concave is to swallow all heartbreaking,
Concave is to assimilate all nerve-racking.
My life is fish out of water,
No one has inclusion and no one bother.

Alone In The Midst Of Crowd

I walk off through the street,
Knowing there will be no meet.
But still I walk off through the street.
I glimpse the house in the mid of the street,
Resting on it the climber’s flower has grown so sweet.
But still I walk off through the street.
Everyday the fire of expectation burns in me which pushes me to her street,
Knowing there will be no meet,
But still I walk off through the street.
Each fortnight I met the angel in her nest,
She is stunning and the best.
I won her with natural art,
She is treasured to me and my heart.
She is soft like rose and calm like moon,
I talk to her every day in the noon.
She is cute, lovely, sweet, good, caring,
Every thing to me……I love her ……..