So Many Words To Say

So many words to say
Nothing at all
How often do you hear
Foolish men speak
Trying to make themselves wise
It’s hard to imagine
How much can be said
With so little thought
But I guess once mouth run
It’s best to give them leeway
And stay out of their way
Let them float into space
And hope it’s as empty
As where they were born
I often sit alone
Ridiculed in silence
To say nothing at all
And all a simple question
Trying to keep
From laughing myself silly
Remembering Abraham’s words
About speaking and fools
And what book says
About the wisdom of men
Ah many words
To say nothing at all
A simple question
Never answered just dance around
Like an exquite ballet
I hear it everyday
As foolish men speak
Try to making themselves wise.

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