Loving Me

Do you love what you see
in the mirror?
let’s face it
we are likely to have some
form of body hangs-up
whether being our hips and tights
are too big or we can’t
seem to gain weight
no matter how much we eat
(hey!it happens!)
it’s one thing to whine about it
and quiet another to
trully hate yoursel for it
with the constant bombardment
of the media
about having perfect body
porportion ought to be
it’s great to motivate yourself
to go to constant workouts
and watch your diet
dieting for an up coming events
are such a norm these days
we barely raised an eye brows anymore
some might even go to the extend
of believing they are ugly
and refuse to accept of who they are
this disorder is not your ordinary
“I feel fat” laments
as goes beyond that
some even go as far
believing themselves
to be hideous monster
and start developing
anti-social behaviour.

3 Responses on “Loving Me”

gourango nandi says:

very good………….it’s realy good.

clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce) says:

Thank you. 🙂

Elvie Mansorie says:

Beautiful thought…keep it up.

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