Funny You Don’t Always Know

So take a word you hear
Try to find a way to say
What you feel inside
And how its make you feel
Funny how you don’t always know
Where the world will take you
Just that you have to go
So you take a step
Try to open up your doors
As closets come running out
You think about all your doubt
All that you don’t know
Write it down as though
The grip you have is strong
As others marvels at your strength
You feel your weakness
Flowing like a tide
From a raging storm
Times are deep inside
You don’t know right or wrong
You think you do the best
But never really know fall back on
One day at a time to help you
Some kind of something
That seems like a piece of mind
You think you might just tarry
On a thought that yours alone
As though its yours to carry
Till you realize yours is not
And that whatever strength
You provide is in your written words
Letting others know they’re not alone
In taking a words they hear
Trying to find a way to say
How they feel inside
And know what it makes them feel.

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